The Unforgiving Heat Wave

The Unforgiving Heat Wave

The Unforgiving Heat Wave has been felt in many countries in different seasons. And it is really depressing to see humans and wildlife subjected to very high temperatures.

It’s even worst when it is their young ones, who have no idea why everything and everywhere is so hot.

Personally, I love cold seasons. I wouldn’t mind rains and cold for months.

Heat Wave

It is a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather.

In Kenya, we joke about it by saying that the sun came with the wife and kids that particular day. So it is basically more that one Sun. Or we say that the sun has moved closer to the Earth.

The thing is, we are told. The higher you go, the cooler it becomes. So I don’t understand why we tend to think that hot weather maybe has been caused by the sun coming nearer to Earth.

Problems caused by Heat Wave

Heat Wave has severe health and economic negative consequences. Which includes:

  • Wildfires
  • Health issues in living organisms
  • Damages to structures.
  • Droughts
  • Warming of the oceans, etc

Just like the bigger picture, climate change, we get to experience the excessively hot temperature over a period of time. It’s like we have been placed inside an oven.

Lucky for those who have well air-conditioned houses that help regulate the temperatures. Though we end up lots of electricity. For those who have no fans, they end up exposing themselves to water. They keep pouring themselves water from their heads.

During these times, we are also advised on the health measures to ensure we stay safe. Which are very important to adhere. From drinking lots of water, staying indoors especially when the sun is hottest, appropriate clothing, foods to eat, and not forgetting to extend the same to our pets. Don’t take them for a walk in the burning streets. They need protection too.

Wildlife has developed mechanisms to survive this, until when exposed to wildfires. That end up consuming their habitat and some of their members. It is very sad seeing poor wildlife going on fire, and helpless running around confused. It is very painful to even imagine.


All these are contributed by the changing climate. And if these temperatures keep rising, we may end up being roasted by it.

No time to politize climate change issues, but to take action and ensure we amend our human-induced climate change.

We might develop our economies to the best levels, but where will we enjoy them. If the Earth is experiencing these life-threatening heat waves.

We are no longer securing it for the future generation, but ourselves. The rate at which climate is changing, it will only take a few years to turn things upside down, if we continue to debate whether or not to act on climate change.

Time to act, is NOW.

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  1. It’s boiling in France. 48c and end of June! It’s getting hotter. We cope but not that efficiently. If it rose another 5 degrees we would suffer. Governments need to remove themselves from air conditioned offices and get out in the midday sun. The dry weather has affected the wildflowers, affected the bees, effected the grass crop, affected the beef cattle. My own home grown is ok. I save water. I act frugal with water. I plant carefully and nurture. You can’t do that for a whole population on a local basis. So governments must wake up.


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