The Calming Waves

The Calming Waves

The calming waves carry your worries away. A calm evening by the beach with a book or nothing relaxes every inch in your bod. As you watch the waves unfold, direct cool breeze towards you, creating a song that numbs your nerves. Waves are the best, even the big dangerous ones. You will always find something awesome to get from them.

Sitting at the beach

No everyone who loves waterbodies loves to swim. Some just love spending time by the beach, building castles as they get free vitamin D from the sun.

It’s a great place to bond with your kids, friends , family, etc.

Beaches have some unique wildlife you can enjoy. But you have to be very attentive not to miss them. Although, we have some that will make their presence known in an unpleasant way. The crabs that give you a squeeze of your lifetime. So you have to watch out.

I always nicely envy those who live near huge waterbodies that have beaches. They have a place to unwind after a long day or week. Get to enjoy the waves more often with no hassle.

Unlike some of us that have many miles to cover to get there.

Sports in the water waves

Water has some of the most awesome types of sports. That always leaves you clean and not sweaty, like other sports.

Unique and interesting wildlife

Marine life has the most unique and interesting wildlife on our planet. It is a full packaged habitat, that has both vegetation, wildlife and even micro-organisms.

Unlike our land wildlife, they are more colorful and come in different shapes.

We have water transport vessels that have a magnifying glass that allows you to explore the sea floor.

Friendly people just like the waves

Am I the only who notices that almost everyone at the beach is friendly and chatty?

You will always have someone or some people to hang out with at the beach. Get to know each other and even ending up enjoying a bonfire after an eventful day.

Everyone is normally in a mode to let go of everything and just have fun. That simple. Choosing to forget life’s problems for a minute and breathe in relieve.


Beach is calling me by my three names. Very loud, and I must head that way. And see what it has for me.

I have missed the cool breeze kissing my face and playing inside the ocean.

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