Having A Good time in a temporal Island

Having A Good time in a temporal Island

Having A Good time in a temporal Island, would you go for it? I wouldn’t even think twice about it. Its a big yes for me. And I have just a nice place that I will plan on a day to go and enjoy the ocean there.

Islands are naturally full of life and unique environment. I think water separates them from all the bad things until human developments happen.

Island that stays alive for four hours in a given season

During my visit to the ocean, I was shown a portion of the ocean that dries up sometimes. Allowing people to enjoy some calmness of the ocean within its vicinity. The place can remain dry for almost four hours, meaning, you can even hold a short party there.

When you are enjoying a boat ride, the breeze kisses your face in amazing ways. As the waves soothe your moods. The land continues to reduce in size as you sail deeper into the ocean.

Its normally feels like you are entering a different and new world. The feeling is incredible.

As the various marine life cross your path, you get an opportunity to learn about life under water. Those who love to swim, dive or any activities you can do in the ocean. Get to do them.

The feeling of swimming alongside the fish, while enjoying the ‘Ocean forest’ below. Is beyond words.

There’s something unexplainable about being in the middle of the ocean. When you can no longer see the mainland. All you can see is water around you and marine life.

No noise, clean environment, unique flora & fauna, and many more. That calmness that comes with it. No wonder most yoga is done near the ocean.

Four hours of uninterrupted peace will allow me to enjoy nature in a deep way. I hope it will be soon.

Nature naturally is peaceful and needs you to observe stillness to truly enjoy it. You don’t need to do much, to get soul nourishment. But to allow her to do her thins.

It can also be the deepest part of the forest. Where you get the same satisfaction. A place very far away from humans. Where not much has been altered or destroyed. That’s one of the places you get true peace.

Helps you forget our world for a minute and sink into your present surrounding.


Some days may be hard and all you want is peace. Words may not work for you, but nature will always be the right choice. Get someplace very hidden in the forests, caves, ocean or any other place. And allow yourself to exhale.

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