The Homely WCK Hostels in Mombasa

The Homely WCK Hostels in Mombasa

The Homely WCK Hostels in Mombasa. They are simply homes away from home. Strategically located at the best corner of Mombasa town.

During my recent visit to Mombasa, one of our friends recommended it to us. At first, I had some doubts since I wanted to have somewhere to spend my nights after all the fun during the day. A place I could rest with minimal to zero noise, comfortable beds, awesome food, and a clean environment. And WCK hostels in Mombasa offered all that and more.


It stands for Wildlife Clubs of Kenya.

It is a charitable, nonprofit organization formed in 1968 by Kenyan students. It was the first conservation education program of its kind on the continent of Africa.

As you can already tell, they are friends with nature. And anyone’s friends to nature automatically qualify to be my friend.

I have been its member since my junior years at school. But I had not yet tried their hostels.

They would provide us with Komba Magazines that helped us learn more about Wildlife, Nature, and how to conserve our environment.

Apart from books, being a member of this club come with a full bag of goodies.

You get to enjoy education tours in our national parks at a reduced fee, your schools/colleges/universities get free lectures from the WCK team, etc.

They also allow you to be a member even after school. As well as embracing corporates into the team.

Spacious well maintained rooms

Mombasa is hot, so a spacious well air-conditioned room is key.

We had an option of a fan and air-conditioning.

They also go ahead to educate you on the importance to conserve energy. For example, by not leaving the lights or the fan or the air-conditioner on when away.

The rooms are equipped with educational magazines. That you can use to enlighten yourself about wildlife and nature.

The water is not salty and safe to be used for mouth hygiene. Unlike most hostels in that area that need you to buy bottled water for that.

It is located within other prestigious hotels but not clubs. So, a peaceful time is guaranteed. No noise pollution from the neighbors.

The rooms are named after marine wildlife. With each one of them having a paper with information about that marine wildlife.

Mine was named whale, while my friend’ was crab.

Well kept environment with wildlife

They are trees and other vegetation planted everywhere.

The trees are well-groomed and surrounded by creatively placed glass bottles. During my chat with the man in charge. He helped me understand this unique way of ensuring the fertile soil around the trees doesn’t slip away during rainy seasons. The bottles hold the soil within that given tree.

This explained why their trees were so beautiful and strong, despite being in a very hot place.

I was also lucky to see some vervet monkeys. Not forgetting very long healthy millipedes. And other insects.

Amazing Food

They give you an option of cooking your own food or having their chef do it for you.

We went with the latter. Although one of my friends joined in the cooking. The food was amazing and tasty.

The common kitchen is equipped with anything you need in a kitchen. All you are needed is the supplies for what you would like to be cooked or to cook.

The Prices won’t make you break any bank

They were very affordable despite all the mentioned benefits above. Friendly and effective room service.

With them, you can be able to save money for more fun. Knowing you will spend your night in a bed just like one at home.


Am glad for the opportunity of enjoying WCK hostels in Mombasa. And will be trying their hostels in other towns. Hoping they will offer similar satisfaction.

I can stay, my visit and stay in Mombasa, exposed me to Wildlife and Nature throughout. Which is very important to me. If I can be able to enjoy nature and wildlife uninterrupted during my visits, I consider it a successful visit.

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