Our Oceans are not Dumpsites

Our Oceans are not Dumpsites. It’s sad that we have to be reminded of this so many times, and not make the required corrections. From individuals, organizations and anyone living near water bodies. Why do we have to threaten the lives of organisms living in these habitats? They too have a right to a clean environment like ourselves.

Poor Waste Management

So you decide to enjoy some soft drinks while sailing, or enjoying a boat ride.

With all you five working common sense, you discard the plastic bottle into the ocean once you are done with the drink. What do you expect to happen to your plastic bottle? How would you feel if I visited you, and did the same in your home?

Another annoying observation was how the business along the ocean dumped their waste into the ocean. The ocean is what makes you make money, but you reward it with your waste.

Or you get some that assemble their waste at one particular point very close to the ocean. Whereby the strong waves end up swiping the waste into the ocean.

Shameless Organisations shamelessly disposing of their waste into the ocean

It was sad to know that some organizations including hospitals using our oceans as a dumpsite. Can you imagine your feet meeting a used syringe while enjoying a walk at the beach?

Hospitals are meant to help us feel better, but not for these ones. I guess they have forgotten their reason for existence.

The other organizations that seem to not know where the designated dumpsites are and use oceans. What is your problem? Do you need us to draw you a map with routes to these dumpsites? It’s a sad thing.

Stop partying at our beach if you can’t leave it clean, they are not dumpsites

You come to advertise your goods and services at the beach. Hold a party for your audience. Then not care where your waste will end up. And worst, no one cares to be back and make things right.

If you will leave our beaches dirty, hold your parties in your offices. And stay with your wastes there. Our turtles need a clean beach for the hatching of eggs.

And shame on all those organizations that have left our beaches dirty from their waste. Next time we find you doing so, don’t be surprised if we collect that waste and bring it to your offices. We have had enough of your rudeness to nature.

Do we have to beg to have the government employ more people to help in cleaning our beaches?

It was sad to learn that one of the nature lovers had to work for free for several years before the county government employed him as a casual worker. This shows that they don’t really value his contribution to the environment.

Tourism depends on a clean beach. It generates huge revenue for both the county and national governments. But what is given back to the source of tourism? Almost nothing.

So we are happy to harvest benefits from nature, but not ready to invest in it.

Conclusion: Oceans are not dumpsites

Am very grateful to the awesome volunteers who ensure that our beach remains clean. No amount of money can be able to equal the services you offer our ocean and its inhabitants, plus the ungrateful human beings.

As an individual, group or organization, make it your responsibility to ensure we do right by our water bodies. Be the solution and not the problem.

You may not be ready to volunteer, but don’t carelessly litter the place. Start by being responsible for your waste.

For the county and national government of Kenya, you have to wake up and appreciate our nature. Tourism supports your economy, it has placed you on the world map and benefits you in a million ways. It’s your turn to give back to it. Building huge buildings and other stuff are not more important than simply ensuring that our nature is safe.

We need to see you do something about our current situation. Stop prioritizing our environment and wildlife for developments. Be fare enough, human enough and do right with our natural resources.

8 thoughts on “Our Oceans are not Dumpsites”

  1. Bravo 👏 👏 very well stated and true. Your Post was very passionate, informative, and shines light on this problem. Challenging us all to do our part and more.
    I have been catching many Documentaries, in reference to the Plastic Pollution on History Channels CNN World Wide News on internet, magazine, as well as news articles. Our oceans have gotten so polluted. The footage was horrific, boats could hardly move, Sea life being destroyed.

    • Very true and sad Yonnie, despite that, people are still polluting our oceans shamelessly. I hope they change this habit and respects oceans

  2. Sad. Even sadder if we do not succeed in teaching wisdom when our children are young to understand it is our duty to maintain our planet and why.
    Good posf.
    Regards and goodwill blogging


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