Understanding Sustainable Tourism

Understanding Sustainable Tourism

Understanding Sustainable Tourism so as to promote it in our travels. Our travels should leave a positive impact on our hosts, people, wildlife and the environment. As well as offer us great experience and memories.


For something to be considered sustainable, it has to respect three important sectors. That is:

  • Environment, both the natural and man-made environments.
  • Economic, the generated revenue.
  • Culture, people and their cultures.

Sustainable Tourism

For tourism to be sustainable, then it has to offer the above benefits fully.

Sustainable tourism is whereby the tourism sector commits to cause a low impact on both the environment and local culture. In line with generating employment opportunity to the local communities.

It simply implies that, as a tourist, your visit cause a positive impact on the society, economy, and environment.

So next time while doing your travels, ensure it adheres to the above.

Understanding Sustainable Tourism

To really understand sustainable tourism, then you will need to look into its three key sectors.


A good portion of the revenue generated from tourism should be able to remain with the local communities.

They should be able to benefit from it, through :

  • Supporting their local businesses by buying goods from them.
  • Getting services from the locals.

By doing so, we will be able t create a positive impression about tourism to the local communities. They will appreciate the benefits, hence support tourism in their area.

The revenue will also be used to add developments and maintain what is already there in an easy way.


There’s nothing annoying like disrespecting cultures of the people who occupy one of the places you may travel to. It is a disgraceful act and should not even exist.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

You don’t have to copy paste what they do if you don’t like to. But don’t do what is considered disrespect in that particular area. If the ladies are needed to have most of their body covered, don’t go bikini on them. A decent dress will do just fine.

Make an effort to learn about their culture before you get there, to avoid any confusion. Also, be friendly to the locals and get to learn about them. Most of them are always willing to teach others about their cultural practices.

Not only will you learn a new culture, but you will also create new friends. Who may end up adding flavor to your visit.

Always leave the place better than you found it.


Don’t go littering the place with your one-use water bottles, plastic wrappings, flora and fauna from a different place, or any other waste. Enjoy the environment as it is, and leave it the same way.

Even that volcanic stone you may stumble to while hiking the mountains, or the cute flowers you saw for the first time in the forest. Carry them through memories and pictures.

Many are the times’ people have introduced new members of both flora and fauna into their homeland. Giving rise to invasive species that end up hurting their home. Don’t be one of them. There’s a reason why it is that place and not your home.

If you have to camp, don’t clear bushes and leave huge impacts there. If you can’t pitch a tent without harming the environment, stick to the designated campsites.

Whatever present in that environment should be able to be enjoyed by the future generation in the same state.


Sustainable Tourism simply requires us to have fun, learn new things, support locals and be profitable, without causing any harm.

If we adhere to it and promote it in our travels, we get to enjoy fully. Both the tourists and locals.

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