30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Demand sustainable palm oil, Embrace minimalism and Learn to refuse.

30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Demand sustainable palm oil, Embrace minimalism and Learn to refuse.

Throughout the challenge, we have been able to learn what we need to adjust to our lifestyles. In an effort to recreate a better and healthier planet. Today being our final day, we get to learn of the remaining three challenges.

Demand sustainable palm oil

Palm oil

It is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp (reddish pulp) of the fruit of the oil palms.

A few years back, I lived near a grandma that used to make her own oil from these fruits. She would extract and cook the oil out. We did not understand why she declined other cooking oil from shops. Until we tried it ourselves. The oil had different taste and made food tastier. Unfortunately, she died and we could not get the oil again. Unless in the shops.

She was old but had a rich understanding of what is good for our planet. Maybe she didn’t even know about that but she did well by our planet.

Give it a try and see how you can demand sustainable palm oil. They will need to plant more palms, hence more vegetation. Meaning our carbon will be absorbed by this vegetation. Hence slowing down climate change.

Embrace minimalism


Is where you invest on what you need, rather than what you want.

When making decisions on what to buy, you will go for what adds value to your life and what you really need.

This will help to cut off stuff we end up buying just because we wanted them, and lost interest in them shortly afterward. Adding them to our waste.

Minimalism will help to accomplish zero waste and having less stuff. That is helpful in our life. Allowing us an opportunity to have a quality life.

Learn to refuse

This one is similar to embracing minimalism.

You don’t have to go for everything just because they are on sale or offer. You have to really need it.

You also have to decline any products or services that contribute negatively to our environment. Ensure you are part of the solution, and not the problem.

In any little way that you can help, do step in and make a change.

Request your shop to stop offering one-use plastic bags, decline straws if you are capable of taking your drink without them, buy what you can consume, and dispose of your waste effectively. In whatever you do, ensure it is contributing to a better and healthier planet.


It has been 30 awesome challenge that anyone can easily manage. let us make them part of our living style. Practice them and teach others too.

#30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet
1. Use less water.
2. Reuse and upcycle
3. Start a sustainable squad
4. Source sustainable produce
5. Only wash full loads.
6. Go paperless.
7. Don’t litter.
8. Eliminate food waste
9. Indulge in sustainable tourism
10.Donate to a cause
11. Add your voice for the planet.
12.Conserve energy
13. Recycle whenever possible.
14.Volunteer with a charity
15. Use eco-friendly and biodegradable products.
16. Switch to environmentally friendly brands.
17. Fight against plastic pollution
18. Be a green commuter.
19. Spread the word.
20. Go plastic-free today
21. Buy energy efficient appliances
22. Restore nature where you live.
23. Reconnect with nature.
24. Ditch disposable choose reusable.
25. Love #OurPlanet
26. Use water wisely.
27. Change the way you eat
28. Demand sustainable palm oil
29. Embrace minimalism.
30. Learn to refuse

With that said and done, we will have a better and healthier planet.

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