30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Change the way you eat.

30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Change the way you eat.

Change the way you eat

Surprisingly, the food we eat is one of the leading factors contributing to climate change. Through carbon footprint and greenhouses gases produced by the wasted food. So changing the way we eat, is vital

For a better and healthier planet, we are urged to go for plant-based diets. Which should be farmed organically. Ensuring that we limit any chemical application in the farms.

We also need to ensure we have zero food waste. And in case there’s any, we practice composting. Hence creating compost that can be used as manure in the farms.

I saw two friends who worked together to reduce their food waste. They would each week weigh their food waste, and encourage themselves to push harder. They would evaluate what made them waste what they wasted that week. Hence make a calculated decision the following week.

Since they lived together, they did the shopping together. It took them a few weeks to get it right. And hence eliminate food waste in their homes. Showing us that, it is indeed possible to ensure we don’t waste any food.

You can also request your buddy to join you in this. Do your shopping together, find out where your food waste originates from, and work out the solution together.

Organic food is expensive in most places, hence becoming inaccessible to a huge group of people. If you have space you can use in your home, then you can grow your own vegetables. For a start. There are also various ways that have been invented, which can be used as gardens. The sacks that are filled with soil and vegetable planted all corners and sides. To the ones planted as decoration.

Find one that is sustainable to your living space and apply it. Cheap is expensive, so let us do our best to stick to organic food.


The better and healthier planet starts in your kitchen. Do your best to be a positive influence.

You will have a strong body that will fight off diseases. And healthy enough to allow you a quality life.

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