30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Use water wisely.

30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Use water wisely.

Use water wisely

Water is rapidly becoming a scarce commodity, yet it’s very essential in life. Water is life, so not having it, threatens life in us.

In Urban settings

People in the urban are lucky due to the presence of the water companies that ensure, they have access to it in their homes.

All you have to do is pay the bills. They may not care how you use it since all are covered by the bills you pay. But is bound to change very soon.

We have seen big cities suffering its shortage for a good number of days. Which becomes hazardous and danger to our health.

We almost need water for all our activities and can’t do without.

But we end up using it carelessly through the following ways:

  • Leaving running taps unattended to.
  • Washing dishes under running water.
  • Not recycling home-used water.
  • Poor management in our washrooms.
  • Just to name a few.

We should be responsible while using it. It will save our planet and reduce our bills.

In rural settings

Unlike those of in the rural areas that can go ahead to look for the resources like the stream, rivers, springs, etc. Dry taps may not be their problem, but drying and vanishing rivers are one of their nightmares.

They end up going for any available water not caring if it is good for human consumption. It is not treated and may contain waste from the developed places. Those who go to dump their wastes into their rivers.

These people have no access to clean water.

To help them from getting it contaminated, it is our responsibility to ensure we don’t use any rivers/springs/lakes/wetlands as a dumpsite.

Leaders should also ensure that these people get access to clean water. As it is a right that should be respected. Borehole or treatment tablets should be made available to them.


If you are able to access clean H2O, ensure to wisely use it. Understanding that it is one very important commodity that should be handled with extreme care.

As we have been saying throughout the challenge. It’s one step at a time. And we will get there. Able to have a better and healthier planet.

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