How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted?

How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted?

How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted? Environmental concepts have been facing opposition or get diluted when we push hard for them.

Public and other related parties are supposed to be able to embrace such concepts. By first understanding them, accepting and appreciating them. When they get to understand why doing something in a certain way is safe and important. They will be able to accept that particular way.

The next step would be to appreciate that proposed way wholly without looking for shortcuts or cheaper ways. After all cheap is expensive.

Appreciation will help the involved parties to stick to the given concept without thoughts that may lead them to it’s dissembling it to fit their greed desires. They will strive to meet the standard for a given concept and thus accomplishing the desired results

Some of the concepts that been diluted and conformed negatively

Plastic alternatives

One use plastics have been banned in various countries. So the public have been advised on the alternatives.

At first, people seem to get it. Until the business people came in with cheaper option that was are like plastic bags. The weak unwoven bags that could only be used once.

So its like replacing plastic with another problem.

Where did we go wrong? Did we fail to make everyone understand the reason as to why the one use plastic bag was banned. Or unable to help the public and the business personnels understand and appreciate importance of having a biodegradable and reusable bags.

Modern farming activities concept

With the climate change and global warming, traditional methods of farming are rapidily being faced out.

Gone are the days when we could wait for the rains to show up so that we can till the lands. The weather patterns have been unpredictable for a while.

So its important that farmers embrace modern farming techniques.

Small scale farmers are yet to embrace these techniques. Sadly, some is due to their attachment to the old ways. They are not open to changes and thus suffering food shortage.

Eco-friendly ways of life. concept

Most of the eco-friendly ways of life are considered expensive and boring.

Many will still embrace the other negative ways. Trying to save few coins.

So the concept of suistanble living is diluted and again the public miss the point.

Other concepts

Other concepts that have faced misunderstanding and neglect include:

  • Embracing of the electric motor vehicles.
  • Planting and promoting of indigenous species. For both animals and plants.
  • Practicing activities that are environmental friendly.


Why are these amazing concepts not fully embraced by the targeted groups? What point are we missing?

Maybe its how we introduce these concepts to them. Or maybe we don’t exhausted all information. Or maybe we use too much jargon.

Whatever we may be doing wrong. it’s time we rectified and get things done. To avoid having too many dead concepts with added problems.

We have to come up with a way that enables all come on board. Hence giving life to these concepts.

8 thoughts on “How do we sell the environmental concept without having it diluted?”

  1. I think it’s about the shocking ignorance being demonstrated by those in charge. While most governments and members of governments pay lip service to environmental issues – the lack of knowledge is inexcusable, given just the level of risk the whole of humanity is exposed to. Living in the UK, wind, solar and wave energy should be the highest priorty – but the Severn project has been refused and all the new housing going up on the south coast (the sunniest part of the country) are all being built without any solar panels. And somehow we’re all supposed to find the money to replace our petrol and diesel cars without any financial assistance from the government…

  2. The comment about tree planting made me think the best way to get to people is to give them the fun first to show them how these things can effect their specific way of life even if it’s sold as an experience but its such a hard thing to think of in this day and age. I fear most people are like yeah, well I shouldn’t do this but I’ll be dead by the time it gets really bad and it’s cheap so…
    What’s a good way to make people care? The frustrating part is if they don’t already at this point I don’t know how to sell it.

    • I know that feeling, and it can really frustrate both your brain and soul. For trees, planting of fruit trees seems to attract more participants. As they know they will benefit from the fruits. Selling environmental ideas gets really tricky sometimes. Especially when the public decides that they are too late to do anything, or they have made peace with their consequences, among others. We have to find a way to let them know that the future generation needs the present one to make things better for them.


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