Conservation Education and Awareness

Should conservation education and awareness be included in the syllabus? Personally, I think it should be included. I remember doing a  short survey on the same. It was a survey carried out by an environment organization. Am yet to know what transpired after we gave our thoughts.

At what point were you exposed to the conservation education? How was it done? Did you get an opportunity to understand its importance. Or was done just as a by the way.
As much I grew up loving nature and animals to be specific. It was a passion nurtured by the animals I was exposed to. My dad loves animals and he did much of my introduction to this animal world. I always accompanied him. My free time was dedicated to animals.
I guess this contributed to my few friends while growing up. I always find comfort spending time with animals. I still do. They have an effect on my moods and motivation. I could be having a terrible day but a five minutes with animals, fixed everything. At least that’s how I feel.
It was in high school that I really got an exposure to wildlife and nature. This was through Wildlife Club that I was lucky to chair for two years. We didn’t have much activities as I wanted. We mainly planted trees and kept rabbits at some point. Materials were limited and this was a major limitation.
Most of the students joined the club for wrong reasons. They thought it was a ticket to filed trips. Hence the meaning of the club was never fully enjoyed. Our club matron did her best to give us the best. But I hope we could have done much.

Importance of conservation education and awareness

  1. It will help shape the young generation to the right direction in issues regarding nature.
  2. It will promote creativity and critical thinking. Hence cultivating leadership qualities.
  3. It will promote understanding and appreciation of nature .
  4. Kids will be able to make sound decisions regarding their lifestyles from the beginning.
  5. It will promote empowerment of both the kids and their tutors.
  6. It will help break the indoor habit be falling most kids.
  7. Nature heals and learning about it , will help improve academic achievement.
  8. This knowledge will help ensure that sustainability is observed.
  9. It will help eliminate the misconception surrounding conservation issues.

The list of benefits is endless…

They are never too young to be introduced to nature
They are never too young to be introduced to nature

Instead of gaming over the weekend they will go hiking
Instead of gaming over the weekend they will go hiking

Introducing them to the healing power of nature
Introducing them to the healing power of nature

It will help them to embrace outdoor activities.
It will help them to embrace outdoor activities.

It will promote a strong bonds
It will promote a strong bonds

It will promote togetherness
It will promote togetherness

A generation that understand and appreciates the importance of a healthy nature. Will help avoid making wrong decisions that harm the environments. The inventions and industrialization activities will be carried out with nature concerns in mind.
Curbing the negative human activities will be much easier. We will not have that generation that only knows animals from the screens of our TVs. A generation that embrace activities such as hiking, surfing, game drives, among others.
This may not be possible to all schools. For instances, in places where poverty is very high. It may be difficult to explain about nature to a hungry kid. Or maybe suggest a game drive for such baby.
In such cases, I think we can come together and be our brother’s keepers. The same way we come together and bring them essentials. We can top it up with a free trip to one of the nearest nature park. Allow them enjoy nature. Try to introduce the cheap ways we can promote nature.

I would love to know your thoughts…

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Hey, My name is Cheche Winnie and I love nature especially the wildlife. I strongly believe that the future generation should be allowed an opportunity to enjoy the current natural resources we have. As much as a lot has been lost, there's hope for a safe planet earth. Together we can help fight threats facing nature for a bright future.

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