What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?

As you may already know, Kenya lost almost all  its rhinos meant to be  trans-located to Tsavo. All of them, meaning the whole process failed horribly. And the painful part, is the loss of our precious rhinos.

Investigations are being done and some officials have been suspended. Some blame the government , while others blame the team involved in the process. But the harsh truth is, the rhinos are dead and gone. And nothing can be done to bring them back.
To me, everyone who was involved in that mission failed us and most importantly failed the rhinos. Its a collective decision making and no one can separate themselves from the blame. Its a shame and disgrace.
Our One and Only Male Northern White Rhino is Gone
We mourned Sudan (the last male northern white rhino ) the other day, promising to do more for this species, then this. Am so ashamed and angry at the same time.

Rhinos are one of the species, planet earth has been too harsh towards. We have been cruel to this species and they are quickly giving up. Most of its species are already either threatened or endangered. They are quickly fading away.

Scientists and conservationist have been doing their best to rectify the mess. Making things right for species. Trying to ensure that no harm is done towards them. They are basically trying to help species not disappear forever.
They have succeeded in some cases and lost in others. They have been support by both government and non-government bodies. People are also embracing this noble act and joined the fight. Making conservation personal to most of us.
Conservationists have been known to fight for wildlife justice. They a times have to risks they own lives for the sake of wildlife welfare. Most of them use their own resources hence never paid for all the sacrifices. Their happiness is when everything is going well for wildlife.

Help me think through this:…

Wildlife is harmed or even killed, then we head to court or even streets. All that to try and get justice for wildlife. Sometimes we win and other times we fail, and the bad guy wins.
Conservationists on the streets
But, can we truly say that wildlife got justice. By sending the poachers and their accomplices to jail or giving them heavy fines?
I kinda feel as if they win either way.
Our wildlife is gone and nothing can bring them back. Yes we may scare the others who may have thought of doing some harm towards wildlife. But the hardcore criminals, this method may  not be effective to them.

So how do we go about it?

I sincerely don’t know and this makes me feel very frustrated and stressed. How do we get a true and real justice for wildlife?


Conservation education and awareness has been the saving grace. Local communities and more people are getting to understand more about wildlife. They are now able to appreciate and willing to protect wildlife. They have contributed greatly towards conservation.
We can say, conservation education and awareness is our silver lining. It will help us not witness more deaths and cruelty towards wildlife.

18 thoughts on “What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?”

  1. This is so sad, and so final. You are right, nothing will bring them back. But if something bad happens and nobody speaks out against it, does that encourage more badness? I don’t know either.

    • I think we should come up with something more on top of what we are currently doing.I am not yet sure what that thing might be, but we need it ASAP to save the remaining species. Without it, we will lose all our beautiful species just like that.

  2. the government and kws should learn from the death of rhinos so in future same mistake will not happen.

  3. This story is so sad, I have been hardly able to read it. Terrible mistakes were made and the people to blame should come to justice. We are on the cliff edge .

  4. This is such a good question. Education and justice are our best bets but I feel like its not doing enough or at least not fast enough. I’m not sure what else to do though besides that an continue to make voices heard that we won’t keep accepting these things.

    • Very true, we have to upgrade our game. Meanwhile we can continue educating on importance of nature conservation and seeking justice. Where there’s will there’s way.

  5. This so important, a necessary and bold cry for an urgent cause. Somehow the governments must play a part in convincing the world this is their cause too, especially those countries who turn a blind eye. We have become so self-focussed we forget nature.

    • Totally agree. We have pushed nature to its limit and it about to give up on us. We should not allow this to happen and it should be government’s responsibility to ensure nature is well managed. Natural resource management is very important.

  6. You know, because I was locked out of WordPress for a couple of weeks I only read about this now. I’ve been able to find stories on it now, but to me this should have been ‘front page’ news.
    I’m assuming that there is still no word on why they died. But you Cheche will keep us up to date.
    As to what should be done, I think the answer is that we have to keep trying despite the failures. There should be no giving up.

    • Unfortunately it has turned to be a blame game between the involved parties. They have been blaming each other instead of explaining to us what really happened to the rhinos. For now all we want is justice for the dead rhinos and whoever failed at their job be accountable. And yes, we will continue fighting for nature but we also need to upgrade our game to avoid the many failures. Its high time we do something new and drastic, the failures are too many.

  7. Thr problem is human beings and human nature. The same psyche that cares nothung for animals cares nothing for its fellow humans. There is no conscience and no accountability. It is a leanrd response and we can blame heredity and social upbringing for most of it. Greed and ignorance for the rest. They care nothing for a world they will be gone from by the time the full implications of their deeds is realized. My heart breaks for this beautiful planet and its potential. My heart bleeds for its collective pain and suffering. As always, I oray for the Light to illuminate. Too many people don’t sprak out, again in fear. Fear is the antithesis of love. Evil is born of fear.

    • That’s the sad truth but there is hope. More people are embracing conservation. All the need to do is work harder to ensure nature is safe from our destructive ways.


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