There's Hope For The Northern White Rhino

It's Rhino's World Day!

There’s hope for northern white rhino . This is after a southern white rhino named Victoria conceived via artificial insemination. This is great news to all of us. Especially after we all sadly admitted that we failed Sudan (The last Northern White Rhino).

Sudan was made to rest on 19th of March this year. This was after battling age related complications. He left behind a daughter and a grand-daughter. Who unfortunately have complications in conceiving.
This fact has been a major blow to this sub-species. But thanks to the amazing scientists. They have been working tirelessly to finds ways to save this subspecies. And the fruits of their hard work is evident.

Northern White Rhinos are almost extinct.

Northern White Rhinos are almost extinct.

So what do we know about Victoria?

She is seven years old and belongs to the southern white rhino sub-species. She was one of the six rhinos picked for testing. She was able to make a good surrogate.
Researchers from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park did confirm that Victoria successful conceived after the artificial insemination. She is our new queen and hope for our almost extinct northern white rhino.Victoria will be closely monitored throughout her pregnancy.

Scientist are the verge of saving this subspecies.

Scientist are the verge of saving this subspecies.

Scientists kept their word

I wish our politicians can copy a leaf from this able amazing scientists. They didn’t give us empty promises or unrealistic hopes. But kept their word. Thank you very much and congratulations for the breakthrough.
Conservationists and wildlife managers from Kenya, South Africa, Czech Republic and UK have been looking for ways to save northern white rhino from extinction.
They have been working on the two female northern white rhino. But nothing much has been a success. They haven’t yet lost hope on them. And that’s why they decided to so test on possible surrogates from the other sub-species. The southern white rhino.
The team was able to extract 12 stem cells from Sudan. These stems will be used to save this sub-species. Sudan remains a hero despite resting in the other world.
If Victoria carries her pregnancy successful and manage to give us a northern white baby rhino. It will be a milestone achieved towards restoring the norther white rhino species. Its my hope that everything goes well for queen Victoria, the rhino.

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