Threats facing endangered species

Threats facing endangered species

Endangered species are those whose populations have been significantly reduced and are at risk of extinction. Unfortunately, there are many threats facing these species, making conservation efforts all the more crucial. Here are some of the threats facing endangered species Habitat loss One major threat is habitat loss. As human populations continue to grow, we … Read more

There’s Hope For The Northern White Rhino

It's Rhino's World Day!

There’s hope for the northern white rhino. This is after a southern white rhino named Victoria was conceived via artificial insemination. This is great news to all of us. Especially after we all sadly admitted that we failed Sudan (The last Northern White Rhino). Sudan was made to rest on the 19th of March this … Read more

What Are Endangered Species

The Lioness that introduced themselves to Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya

Endangered species are those species considered to be nearly extinct as per the IUCN. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is responsible for categorizing all the world species as per their vulnerability to extinction. They have a Red List that places species into the following categories: Extinct – No species still alive Extinct … Read more

Our Only Male Northern White Rhino, Sudan, is Gone

Northern White Rhinos are almost extinct.

Sudan was the last male northern white rhino alive. He died at the age of 45 years after bravely fighting the old-aged-related sicknesses. He suffered degeneration of muscles that gave him extensive skin wounds. He was unable to stand during his last 24 hours and thus helped to rest by his vets. He has not … Read more