The Best Research Being used in Selfish Ways or Going to Waste

The Best Research Being used in Selfish Ways or Going to Waste

The best research being used in selfish ways or going to waste. Why dow spend huge amounts of money, resources, and energy, yet not implement these well-researched findings? Most are being used to attract donors, and once that is done. The money doesn’t really go to what the research points to.

This is especially for research to provide wildlife needed welfare

We have a big number of organizations that are purported to be for wildlife welfare. They have awesome points that will give wildlife a good shot on our planet. They have elaborated on the problems faced by wildlife and solutions.

The donors get convinced, hence pledging a huge sum of money to support the noble job. But do this research get implemented? Not, all of them. In fact, very few do see their implementation.

Donors rarely follow-up on what job their donations are making happen. We donate and move on. Hoping and believing that we have contributed to a good cause.

Do we have any regulations that ensure the donations are used for the right reasons for every single coin? Or we get carried away by the few publicity acts meant to blind us?

It is sad that we allow these awesome research to go to waste, as we feed our hunger for money not meant for us.

Why bother to waste resources on something that won’t benefit what you are researching on

Is the research accessible to all?

Research is meant to offer a solution to an identified problem. It is able to identify the problem, offer solutions and findings.

Hence should be accessible to all that it may be of importance to. As a researcher, you can go ahead to offer the research for free or at a fee to the individuals or organizations that is relevant to. Instead of gathering dust on your shelf, it can help them.

Implementation of these researches

Once the research has been done, how open are we to implement it? Why do we keep away from these researches and continue with our old ways? making the same mistakes.

Its time we open our doors and minds to solutions offered to us.

We have genuine great researchers that have given everything to their research, to ensure that we solve the noted problems.

It will be fair enough to give their research a shot. Let us get engaged and see how we can work together to ensure we have a healthy planet.


Researches are meant to be used in a useful way with no hidden agenda.

Let us accord it the respect it deserves and avoid using it wrongly.

If you are engaged in an area that has available research already, take advantage of that and avoid the avoidable mistakes.

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