Grevy Zebra’s mums understand the benefits of “Kindergarten”

Grevy Zebra’s mums understand the benefits of “Kindergarten”

Grevy Zebra’s mums understand the benefits of “Kindergarten”. Stop wondering, all youngs, including those of animals, can be a handful. Same to most mums across all living species, they are always there for their young ones and those they consider family.

What is this Grevy Zebra’s ”Kindergarten”?

Grevy Zebras are social animals, whereby they live in groups. Although, these groups are for same-sex. Whereby , males live longer away from the females, who also live as a group.

Female group accommodates foals before they can finally mature to form their own groups. Just like we get accommodation from our parents or guardians.

Moving with young ones can be tiring and time-consuming. So to avoid all these hustles, and being able to amass as many resources as possible. That’s how the kindergarten idea came through.

The groups are connected with strong bonds and stay together for long compared to their plain zebra’s counterparts. This allows them to have a conducive family structure. Hence having all the young ones being watched by a single adult easier and possible.

So when the other mums are out there looking for resources, one mum is left behind to babysit all the foals in that given group.

Nature has a lot to teach us, if only we opened our minds and eyes. (Grevy Zebra’s mum is one of the examples)

A completely destroyed environment can be able to reboot itself, by allowing everything to die. And start afresh. Eliminating the weak ones and the strong ones , gaining more adaptation features.

Hence the famous say, Survival is for the fittest.

We may come up with too many developments, and we may end up causing more species to disappear. But what happens, when these developments start acting against us.

Our environment has been deteriorating, but not yet bad enough to give us an alarm. Business as usual attitude has blinded us to the reality.

We have created small conducive environments for our selves. Where we have machines to control temperatures, manufacture food, etc. So when we hear of hunger and drought, we see it as poverty for that particular region.

That’s not the case, we need to learn the act of ecosystem balance. We should be able to live within what nature can produce for us. Let us not get it twisted that we can operate without mother nature.


Always have some time spent in the woods. And allow nature give you valuable lessons towards a fulfilling life. Allow nature and its habitat refresh the pending commands in your life, or even help to reboot your system. It will help you operate faster and smoothly.

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