Is your January Rainy?

We woke up to not-so-light rains. Weirdly enough, I love cold weather, and rains make me more than happy to look forward to a good day. I don’t like heat, especially when you have to spend more time outside, it can be unforgiving sometimes. So when I heard the raindrops kissing the floor, I was a happy woman.

What rain is this in January?

That was a question from the rider. He went ahead to complain about how it has made the motorbike trips hectic and promoted traffic congestion. He went ahead to ask himself, me included more questions. He could not understand why it was raining in January.

I went ahead and tried to tell him how things have changed. From the seasons, weather to a point of affecting our farming activities. That’s when he realized, he has been seeing these changes for a while. He just never seriously thought about them. So rains in January may not be that foreign.

He went ahead to say how Christmas back then was filled with harvest and ample food. Where farm work was never seen as a punishment, but as part of family bonding. He was really sad, recalling how his folks back in the countryside have to buy food sometimes, just like him. Buying food was known to be a problem for people in towns and big cities. Folks in the countryside had what they needed either in their farms or stores.

Unfortunately, I got to my destination without us finalizing our conversation.

Clearing of vegetation

We continue to see cutting down of trees, clearing of shrubs, and other vegetation. With not much replacement.

As settlements continue to grow, more land was converted to farms. Very little is left for the trees and the other vegetation. Riparian land has been grabbed, with the drought making it worst. As people assume these wetlands are gone for good. Only for floods to come and revive them. Send them down the streams, with unspeakable destruction witnessed.

The planting and growing trees campaign continue to spread and gain fame. But we are yet to see serious and dedicated after-care plans. Sadly, these trees end up dying while still young.

We need a plan.


Climate change will not wait on us to fight each other, point fingers, neglect other or even ignore the whole thing altogether.

Its rolling and nature have no option but to comply.

Maybe there will be a time, we will completely have no idea which season is which. Not knowing whether to expect rains or sun.

I wonder what will happen to farms, especially for those who depend on traditional methods.

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