Do you open your windows?

How often do you open your windows, especially for those who spend the whole day at work? Maybe you live alone, or with a pet. In a shared compound, or an apartment.

Air Pollution

Our atmosphere continues to get polluted, as we increase our greenhouse gases emissions. With the cutting of trees, and not replacing them with the often. We no longer have a noticeable tree presence, especially in the cities.

These trees not only provide shade but did clean our air. Made the places look better and lively.

A study has chosen how some places contain polluted air that is risky to humans. Unfortunately, these areas are mostly occupied by economically challenged people, who state of the air they believe doesn’t even cross their minds.

These areas are notorious for open waste burning, poor waste disposal, use of old vehicles that emit more GHGs, poorly ventilated houses, just to name a few.

Outdoor air pollution is not even close to what indoor air pollution is doing to people’s lives.

Indoor air pollution is a reason for many respiratory diseases. And continues to kill people silently.

Air circulation

Air Conditioners and fans, or even the big windows, are not obvious as we think. We have people who live in houses with really tiny windows that go for days, if not months without being opened. Or some have the big windows, but always away during the day, hence end up never opening their windows except on weekends when they spend the day at home.

This makes air circulation at our homes poor, exposing us to indoor air pollution.

Now, with the masks. You spend the whole day almost recycling the used air within your mask, only to go home to not-so-fresh air. We can all imagine or have experienced how that goes.

Not forgetting the moisture. From your breathing, cooking, and the appliances.


It’s not all bad news, we can always change for the best.

Make fresh air your friend. Ensure your living spaces is well ventilated, and both the inside and outside air are moving swiftly. As you prepare for work, you can always open your windows, if you are in a place that cant be left open. Or even as soon as you get home, open the windows are allow fresh air in.

Visit nature or even open spaces where fresh air is ample.

Most importantly stay away from activities that contribute to air pollution. Let’s continue to plant more trees and other cover plants.

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