Breathing clean air is quickly becoming a luxury

Yesterday was the international day of clean air for blue skies. Where we got reminded how breathing clean air is quickly becoming a luxury. The day was filled with events, activities, webinars among others. Where different groups preached how they doing their best to make our atmosphere safe.

From all the talk, you could wonder why then is fresh air scarce with all these activities present and running. Then I quickly remembered, it was just the usual talks we have prepared for such events. Being a chilled day in Nairobi, coffee was the only true friend I could rely upon comfort.

We know what needs to be done to get clean air

It’s clear we all know what needs to be done but are we diligently doing so?

Why do we keep doing the opposite, yet act as if we really care for the affected ones?

Almost everyone I heard in their speech yesterday spoke of planting millions of trees. Sadly, we are still below the needed forest cover, and more trees continue to be cut to pave way for developments. I guess it’s an entanglement relationship or situation-ship happening over here.

If only we could ensure these trees make it to maturity, as we protect the already grown trees. Maybe we could make few steps forward. The planting of million trees is really nice, but where are they?

It was sad

It was sad to see people from the marginalized areas where landfills end up being directed voicing their concerns. Reporting on how their health continues to be affected by the polluted atmosphere. Which is now catching up with the kids.

They deserve better, and a solution needs to be provided before it’s too late.

The event is gone, but they will continue to breathe in the polluted air, get sick and continue to suffer if we have to wait until next year same time, to remember them. Or even worst, for them to remind us how desperately they need a safe atmosphere.

Cities are the most affected ones

Most of the activities contributing to air pollution are found in cities and big towns.

With the shrinking green spaces, we have no lungs (trees) to help purify the air.

Poorly managed public transport continues to push the abled ones to rely on their own means of transport. Hence increasing number of vehicles on our roads. Which skyrockets emissions of greenhouse gases.

Cutting down trees for billboards, and infrastructure has robbed our trees on the highways.

Have you heard of the IQAir app?

It helps to confirm your fate for those of us in polluted areas, showing how bad or worse your air quality is.

It’s a nice app, showing the quality of air in any given location.

You could download it, and get to know if you are the privileged ones breathing fresh and pollution-free air, or you are suffering from the rest of us.


As much as we need to do something from a personal level in all these. We need organizations and governments to do their part.

It needs us to work as a team, and fast.

That person in the slums, congested cities, and other affected areas will continue to suffer. They may plant trees where possible, but that is not enough and may not even be allowed for those renting.

It’s time to praise ourselves less and actually do the work.

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