The Two Worlds we created, and their Impact towards Climate Change

The Two Worlds we created, and their Impact on Climate Change. The worlds am talking about, are the cities and rural areas. They are very different worlds that have occupants who interact completely differently towards our planet. Each of their population has adapted to different ways of living due to the resources available to them. And in a way clearly showing us both extremes to humankind, their actions, and the consequences of their existence.

The City World

Ideally considered best for humankind when it comes to access to fancy amenities hence considered important/lucky when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. But is that true?

The population in the cities have access to clean tapped water, hospitals, markets, entertainment facilities, industries, among others. They somehow have access to almost everything needed for a comfortable life. But not necessarily a healthy one though.

Maybe this explains why they are not that careful hence leading to increased poor waste management. From food, equipment, basic needs, electronics, electricity, etc. They rarely see it as privileged, but more of a human right. Which it is. But only applies to the lucky ones who live in big cities and have enough money to fund that lifestyle.

We have cities with the largest slums filled with people who don’t have the luxury of these rights despite being arm’s length from where they can access them. Because they lack money to pay for them. And when given free, the quality goes down.

So what does nature goes through to provide city dwellers comfortable life

Our atmosphere has to accommodate huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions from the industries, transport, food waste, and many others.

Most of the food brought into the cities from the rural areas, end up in the overflowing landfills even before being consumed.

Electronics and other equipment are no longer given a chance, once they show any fault and lack the latest capabilities. They are quickly replaced and thrown away. Mostly disposed of off incorrectly, hence creating more problems.

Minimalism is a term not loved by many of the city dwellers. Everyone is after showing off how large they are living.

The Rural World

They are my favorite and source of my inspiration.

They may not have a lot, but they enjoy “full” life. They understand the lack of essential needs and have developed ways to survive. These adaptations are aligned to less to no harm on our planet. They appreciate our environment and understand that ecosystem more than the city dwellers.

They well understand the importance of taking good care of our environment. This is because the environment rewards their generosity with farm produce.

Until recently when we introduced harmful chemicals to them, they concentrated on natural manure that always increased their produce.

They understand lack, hence not prone to generating unnecessary wastes.

They understand that things can be repaired, used differently, and reused as often as possible. Without necessarily going for the latest model, update, or even version. If something is working just right, they are good to go.


Most of us have lived in both worlds, and deep inside understand the values of protecting the available resources.

We may pretend to forget or fail to acknowledge the importance of sustainability, but we know what happens when demand surpasses what can be produced or created.

Our planet has been doing fine when we only extracted what we needed at a certain manageable demand speed. But greed has driven the natural resources to the very edge. Sadly, we no longer necessarily take good care of what we have.

That’s why someone will over-serve themselves in a party, and only consume a quarter of what they served themselves. Why we will keep shopping for clothes, yet we have some clothes that are yet to be tried on in our closets.

Our greed has made wants important than the needs, hence creating unnecessary waste.

Make well-informed decisions, and choose to be a solution to our planet.

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