The One-day events annually will not help much

The important world day annually continues to gain popularity, and more people continue to participate in them. We make great speeches, share how each one of us is doing to make our planet a better place. We share promises and support. And together, we agree that more needs to happen.

Then we move on to the next important world day

The fever obtained during these events lasts for a short while.

We are a forgetful generation, and it will act against us in the future.

After planting trees, exchanging useful ideas on eco-friendly options, and providing support. We go back to the business as usual routine and wait for the next important day or event to remind us what to do.

Its time we explored the policies

Most parts of the world already have excellent policies when it comes to environment and wildlife conservation. The implementation part is the one pulling us behind.

If we all meant it and took these policies as guidance as opposed to laws. Maybe we could embrace them, and live as per their advice. Policing is not liked by many, and going against the law is fun for more people than we may admit.

If we passionately adhered to the set policies, we will cut out most of these world days. Instead have days to celebrate when we finally made it.

Sample, celebrating the non-existence of plastic bags, an increase of wildlife species, among others. We will turn these days from awareness days to milestone celebrations. We have been spreading awareness for a while now. It’s time to see fruits through our actions, both individuals and companies.


Over the weekend we celebrated World Bamboo day and World CleanUp day.

Bamboo continues to make a good alternative for single-used plastic utensils, furniture that would otherwise be caused several trees to go down, etc. They take a short period to grow to maturity and have a wide variety of uses.

Cleanup gave us the usual results we have been getting for years now, same notorious plastic users pooped up.

All in all, the cleanups reduced plastics in the water bodies that were lucky to hold this event.

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