It’s funny how the grass is always assumed to be greener on the other side

It’s funny how the grass is always assumed to be greener on the other side. Pushing people to move to different places, especially cities and towns for life. Easy access to basic needs and most things make life easier. But is that really what we get?


Urbanization has become more of a problem, than a dream come true. All the migration directing more people to the already overpopulated urban centers is getting out of hand.

As soon as people are done with the school, or those who are lucky to get enrolled to colleges/campuses within urban centers make it their mission not to go back to their rural homes. Being able to finally make the move and settle in urban centers, is one of the most celebrated achievements.

What most don’t know is the expensive and not so comfortable lives here. You may be lucky, and earning a decent salary that pays for your tiny apartment, pays for your transport and other bills, as well as feed you. But sooner than you thought, you realized that you are living hand to mouth. And if something was to happen to your job or something. You wouldn’t have anything left to hold on to or survive.

This may not be the same for other people. You may be among the lucky ones. Those who get jobs quickly, climb up the corporate ladder faster than the rest, and money becomes not a problem. You get engulfed with all activities needed to ensure that you are unbeatable, and stay strong to the competition. But do you enjoy it? Expensive holidays for a week in a year are not that fun. Yet you will still be answering emails, and returning calls. You may argue that you need to do so to maintain the lifestyle and avoid poverty. Is it worthy, will you be happy when you are old and grey looking back on how you spent your years?

It’s time we stopped believe that urbanization is the goal. The migration of people needs to stop.

We should be able to have access to basic needs, and other needs that push s to urban centers, everywhere. This is will promote equal access to these commodities, needs, services, among others.

Is it greener on the other side?

People are slowly changing their mindsets. Whereby, the people in urban centers are working their best to save enough and et back to the rural areas for a quieter life. While the people in rural areas continue to do their best to make it to the urban areas and access what they have been missing.

In urban areas you will fight traffic, all kinds of pollution, less to none true human interactions, expensive lifestyle, inaccessible healthy foods, just to name a few. While in rural areas, you have to work your butt off literally. If there is a farm, all the activities involved are from cultivation, milking, watching livestock. In short, most work will be via your muscle strength. No more microwave solutions.

What may be greener to me, might not be greener to you.

It will be great to taste and enjoy both sides. This will help you appreciate the two worlds, and be able to come up with your cocktails or hybrid solutions to a life that you would like to live.

Don’t stop exploring, and never give up.

Most importantly, watch your carbon footprint.

Whether in urban areas or rural areas. Carefully handle what nature has gifted you. Use what you need, and avoid waste.

It all boils down to our carbon Footprint

You don’t have to leave your lights on during the day or when we have the bright moon. make it a habit to enjoy the natural light. We also have enough gadgets supply unsolicited lights to our faces all the time, the phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, TVs, etc.

Plant and grow trees when you can. Let nature be part of you, and let’s all be parents to plants.

Consume what you need, and churn away from wastage. But when you have any waste, ensure to dispose of it correctly.

Push for the creation and implementation of policies that promote a better planet. Influence those near and far to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Together let’s push for and work for a healthier planet.

8 thoughts on “It’s funny how the grass is always assumed to be greener on the other side”

  1. An excellent post. City life is a grind and most people would be much happier living on the land. Television and now social media has given
    millions of people across the globe a false idea of what city life is really like. It leads to national and international migration and to unhappiness. Better to improve things where you are and look after the environment in which you find yourself .

    • Totally agree with you. What is preached out there about urban centers is sometimes, too much exaggerations. We should push for betterment of all places, and allow people to appreciate/excel/develop where they are.

  2. I agree with you Cheche. Urbanization is a 20th century phenomenon that should stop in this century. We have the technology. It’s just that more people have to wake up.

  3. One reason I prefer city life to country life is that city dwellers are more liberal than country dwellers, who are more conservative, at least in the US. Considering that in this country “conservative” means “loving Donald Trump,” it’s no wonder I wanted to get out of rural Ohio. You’ve got a good point about how hard it is to live in the city, though.

    • Yeah, with all the mixed cultures, tribes and personalities. Urban areas allows you to see things from different lenses, and appreciate each other’s differences. We could do the same to the other places.

  4. Yes, in Toronto where I live the people are more liberal – in most rural areas in this part of Canada they are often so narrow-minded that I would not live there – but isn’t that an outcome of the past? Are rural people not slowly becoming more open-minded? I think that should be happening – I hope it is.

    • Opening these places up, and slowly expressing ourselves will come in handy. As well as keeping them updated with the rest of the world, will help them see things from a broader view.


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