Is Sustainable living Expensive?

Is Sustainable living Expensive? How adaptable is it to most people, depending on where they are?

It has a Yes and/or No answer. Depending on different factors. So whatever answer you have in mind, is correct. With these factors, one may wrongly judge others who differ in their opinion and way of life.

Just like junk food. In some countries/continents, junk food is cheap and easily accessible to many. While in others, it’s a rich people thing, and you have to go several miles to get it. So these people have a different attitude towards junk food, although we know the consequences of it. Which sadly, is the same despite the different circumstances involved while getting it.

What are these factors that contribute to how easy/difficult and cheap/expensive sustainable living can be?

  • Your stage in sustainable living

If you are a beginner or transitioning, it may come out as expensive.

Most of the reusable stuff may appear expensive, to what we were used to while using single-use items. This is so when we are not really considering the future costs cut.

An example would be reusable shopping bags. Before Kenya banned single-use plastic bags, one could get several bags if not dozens of them enough to start a business for 10 dollars. But now that we only use reusable, 10 dollars gives you the cheapest 3 reusable bags. The difference in terms of purchase is quite big.

Sustainable living promotes reusing and repurposing of most stuff to limit waste. But most of this stuff was not made with the thought of being reused or repurposed, so they give up soon or later. And you will need to replace them. Just like the reusable bag example, at first, buying the mason jars, glasses containers, among others will cost more.

Good news; Once you get all your reusables, things get better, cheaper, manageable, organized, and eco-friendly. You now get to refill your supplies and go for what works best for our planet.

  • Your location

Sustainable supplies have different prices in different areas.

Do you remember the junk food reference above? Almost the same logic applies to organic food.

Depending on your distance from the organic farms, and how it is perceived in your location. Going organic may not be that friendly.

Those of us living in the cities, may not even be able to tell if they are buying organic or inorganic food produce. And they can be expensive times, compared if you were in rural areas. Pushing more people to get these products once they visit upcountry.

To embrace sustainable living, we are encouraged to shop from local farms. What happens to those who have no farms nearby and rely on other places for the supply? Prices go up, to accommodate transport and preservatives come into play.

The vertical gardens, kitchen gardens, and other tiny gardening styles being embraced helps in ensuring we have fresh vegetables right at home. But this applies to a very limited number of people. Those who are yet to own their apartments, or buy land/houses have to adhere to their landlord’s set guidelines. Most of them will not be open to such practices in the rentals.


These are two major factors that I think tend to make sustainable living seen expensive. I hope I have also well explained how they are actually cheap in the long run. It would be great to get your thoughts on this. As we continue to make sustainable living our daily thing and part of our lives.

Let’s continue to explore ideas that make this easier and affordable to all. As our planet is almost running out of time when it comes to healing. Most of the activities we are engaged in affect nature negatively. Hence the urgency to change ways, and be eco-friendly.

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  1. hi once you set yourself up for sustainability it is all good. i set myself up in my new home. all was excellent, i was growing all fresh vegetables and sharing with my immediate family, then a new family bought the house next door, and i was not able to grow anything since. six years, they spray my soil for the snails. but the snails have come from their place, even in winter they reticulation water their greenery plants, lots. they also have a pool, so you understand they live damp on their side, this year after planting eggplants they were growing well, i noticed they were shrinking in plant size. i had a good look and someone, has trimmed all the bigger branches. oh and she’s into black magic. they live the high life on all junk, and wonder why they are so sick all of the time. i have never understood people, honestly. oh and the law can not touch these people, figure that one out…


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