Wild Browser: Browse the web while you save animals

Have you interacted with the browser yet? What is your experience?

As we continue to become conscious of our activities and their effects on our planet. We continue to witness innovation and ideas, destined towards reducing our negative impacts.

Our carbon footprints need curbing, and this needs us to go for eco-friendly options or at least something that works to reduce our impacts.

Technology continues to make life comfortable, and easy for all of us. But for us to get that nature continues to pay the price. We do need these developments, so the big question being how do we embrace technology sustainably.

Our planet will not be fun without these natural resources and what Earth has to offer. For a while now, we have been consuming much than she can provide. Hence the call to slow down, and allow mother nature to heal.

I got to know about the Wild browser via email. And decided to check it out.

It was love at the first sight. I love wildlife, so when I saw different wildlife within the browser, I was already smiling. Perusing through was easy, and easy for the eyes. It was a smooth ride since.

They have partnered with different people and organizations

Wild Browser partners so far:

  • FREEME Wildlife
  • International Rhino Foundation
  • Uganda Conservation Foundation
  • The Animal Fund
Wild Browser Sponsors

So, what makes them stand out

  • They give 100% net profits to animal welfare funds
  • Allows you to donate directly within the browser
  • Your privacy has been given priority
  • Has VPN and ad blocking services
  • It’s virtually gorgeous
  • Extremely fast

Where did it all begin?

A couple was enjoying some adventure in the Arctic, where they met an arctic fox. Through research, they came to learn how some human negative activities continue to contribute to the declining of animal species.

That’s when, Joseph and Julia, knew that they had to do something. The wild browser idea was born and made into reality.

They made a browser with these missions in mind:

  • Helps conserve wild species
  • Improves the lives of people, animals, and the environment.

Give them a try, and let me know your experience.

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    • Please do, so far I have had a good experience with them just like Ecosia. My weekend has been a quite one, enjoying some me time. Have an awesome one too 💚💚💚


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