What’s next for Plastics after the 4 Rs?

Let’s explore here, what’s next for plastics after the 4 Rs? That is, after recycling, refusing, reusing, and reducing. The plastics eventually end up useless, and unable to be used anymore. What have we planned for our plastics?

The 4 Rs are good for the plastics already existing

Plastic pollution will stick around for a while, and we need a solution of replacing them for good. 

Here is where the 4 Rs comes in. They help us delay the effects of the already produced plastics and learn on cutting them out. 

We should not make it permanent and hope that plastic pollution will delay forever. We are still losing species, and degrading the environment. 

Dont allow recycling to make you forget the bigger picture

Recycling continues to be famous and popular. More funds continue to be available to all those doing something related to recycling. 

Youth and other groups are taking this opportunity with both hands, and creating jobs/livelihoods out of it. Which is great for all of us. We get to delay plastic pollution and earn something for our expenses. 

Do we understand that recycling is not the cure, but just a first aid to our disease?

We have to be very careful on this one. As we continue to benefit from the recycling business and outcomes. Plastic pollution remains a thorn in our flesh, that needs elimination. 

We need to understand that we need to completely eliminate plastic, and have sustainable alternatives. 


Let’s remember that we had eco-friendly options before plastic was invented. At first, plastic was seen as the savior, as it bet lots of odds. Until we realized, plastics was no going anywhere for a very long time despite serving their purpose. 

That wake-up call should help us embrace eco-friendly options as soon as possible. To ensure, we slow down plastic pollution effects on the remaining species. 

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