It’s A Wonderful Wake-Up Call on Trees

It’s A Wonderful Wake-Up Call on Trees

Ban on logging in Kenya has given birth to various steps and decisions that are super helpful to the environment,
Our members of parliament have at least agreed on the need to have a serious discussion on our forest cover,
They all agree that the ban should even be permanent in that case,
This is successful progress for our trees as Kenya.

The appointed committee is to provide statistic of our current forest cover,
They are to determine if the ban should be lifted or imposed forever,
They are also to come up with alternatives for communities that depend on the forest for their livelihood,
Hence a key committee to both people and nature at large.

Environmentalist have also come forward and suggested various ways that will safe our diminishing forest cover,
They advised that if we are to plant 6 trees in every an eighth of an acre,
We will for sure attain the 10% of the forest-covered recommended,
Some also argue that by taking care of the moorland and forest within the Mount Kenya,
Then our drying rivers and dying lakes will revive.

Planting of trees has been promoted everywhere,
And the required education and awareness spread,
People have been sensitized on the importance of both planting and growing trees,
Communities have been taught and urged to use alternative livelihoods away from the forests.

The drought really made people thinking,
It helped people saw the reality if we were to lose all the trees,
Drought even hit places that are not either arid or semi-arid,
Dry rivers and lakes were evident everywhere,
Resulting in the death of many animals and famine among the community.

Let is not just be an agenda to be left hanging,
Let’s walk the talk,
Let’s mean our words and act on all the possibilities for saving our diminishing trees,
Plant and grow as many trees as possible,
Making sure that they get to stand firm on their roots.

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