At the Baus Taka Mobile App Launch

Solid waste has been a problem for a while now. With our habit of remaining trendy, buying new instead of repairing, going for single-use instead of reusable, and our manufacturers not embracing the circular economy. With all these flaws, a lot of waste has been ending up in landfills. This has been made worst by the lack of waste segregation at the source.

Greenhouse gases emissions

As the waste accumulates at the landfills, Greenhouse Gases like methane are released into the atmosphere. Which promotes global warming, which translates to increased temperatures.

The problems get bigger with time, as we get to experience heatwaves, species extinction, respiratory diseases, droughts, just to name a few.

Sadly, we don’t think of all these when we dispose of our waste. To us, it’s a simple throwaway. But nothing is really thrown away. It somehow remains in the environment.

Waste management initiatives

Youth and women have been observed to engage in waste management initiatives like recycling.

Recycling has been embraced well, and more people continue to be encouraged to join the party. This is along with the other three Rs. Reduce, Refuse and Reuse. Although this may be good news, it’s only for a short while, we need more of a permanent plan. Recycling is just a bandage to our wound, the problem is delayed but the recycled products will still end up in our environment.

Finding eco-friendly products as alternatives to Single-used plastic will help slow down damage to our planet.

Baus taka

They help with the collection and buying of different types of waste.

Baus taka is an example of the hope and inspiration we need for our planet. They have been working for almost a year now, and already doing great stuff for the Mombasa residents. Youth and woman-led, they know no barrier and are here to claim clean Mombasa back.

They have a group that helps with clean-ups, garbage collections, buying of the waste, and any other environmental events.

I was honored to be part of the crowd during the Baus Taka Mobile App launch.

It was inspirational listening to different speeches, as Baus founders narrated their spectacular beginnings, leaders agreed on the need to protect our environment and many agreed to the inspiration and hope provided by the Baus taka activities. It was clear that everyone was on the same page. We all agreed it was time to save our planet. No act was too small, and everyone is needed in these.


Proper waste management starts with you and me. By reducing or even better, eliminating any wastes, will help cut greenhouse emissions at the landfills.

Segregation of waste makes it better to repurpose or even recycle our waste. Stop mixing the waste at the source.

We only have one hour, planet Earth. It is our duty to protect it.

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  1. I agree with you about recycling. Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, you’re only allowed to recycle plastic containers of a certain shape. It’s like they want to increase waste in landfills.


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