Reduce and Reuse

How often do you think of reducing and reusing? Recycling is great, but we also need to seriously reduce and reuse. Are you aware of the 4Rs in waste management? That is:

  • Refuse
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Today, lets explore on reducing and reusing


If we are to conquer waste management, we need to control our consumption. Or at least, reduce unsustainable options:

  • Stay away from the single-use plastics e.g water bottles, cutleries, tea bags, coffee pods, etc
  • Quality first when buying second-hand products, to avoid having to replace them too soon.
  • Wise use of resources such as water, electricity, land, etc. Don`t allow the shower to run for an hour, or leave lights on when you could just open the curtains and enjoy free lighting from outside, among other bad practices.
  • Harvesting the rainfall water, reusing wastewater for gardening.
  • Composting for our farming use.

Are you familiar with the 30 days rule? You are to wait for 30 days before making a purchase when you like something. The 30 days will help you truly know if you need that particular purchase.


When was the last time you repaired something, and now happily enjoying its services?

Reusing includes repurposing your empty product containers or even using them for refills. Just because we are pushing for refill culture, you don’t need to go shopping for new containers. You can use containers bought with products previously.

The repurposed containers could also be used for gardening, flowers, herbs, seedlings, bird feed, pet food/drinks, lunch, etc.


We are still figuring out how to reduce our waste, and persistence will help us win this fight eventually.

So we have learned the importance of reducing and reusing. Ensure to apply them in your day-to-day activities. Next, we will explore refusing and recycling towards waste management.

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