Zero Waste doesn’t have to be too complicated

It’s the simple steps that count, zero waste doesn’t have to be too complicated. You just need to start where you are and mean it. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to keep working towards its perfection.

So where do you start in this journey towards Zero Waste?

Stay away from single-use plastic

They have been designed and preached as the most convenient products to have in life.

You need food or drinks somewhere outside your home or a food joint on the go, they are there to “offer” convenience. Carry your food or drink for few seconds, then you throw them away. So where do they end up at? The oceans, water bodies, our environment. Once discarded, they end up harming other living organisms and do it for a very long time. This is because they take like forever to decompose.

So how do you stay away from them and promote zero waste?

Make it a habit to carry lunch from home, in your nice reusable containers. Not only will you be staying away from the harmful single-use plastic products, but you will also be enjoying healthy meals and saving cash. Who wouldn’t want that?

No more long walks to the restaurants, long queues, waiting long hours for order ins, and worrying about their hygiene status.

Meal plans and bulk shopping

Hey, we are not just going for bulking shopping, but it has to be well calculated. Okey? We are on the mission to reduce/eliminate waste.

Meal prepping helps you know what you need and in what quantities. At this point, it’s important to ensure we properly store the prepared meals bought veggies and other commodities. We have nice reusable bags designed for our fridge storage, and pantry.

They may be pricey, but they will be used for a long time. Making the investment worthwhile.

Don’t throw away the old stuff

If they can be repaired, upcycled, recycled or even downcycled. Please do that.

You can also donate them to your friends or anyone interested.

Just don’t throw them away before they are fully utilized.

Avoid fast fashion, embrace second hand products

Long are gone days when being trendy was a thing, it no longer thrills us.

We have realized the importance of being unique and stylish without having to break a bank.

Second hand products are not that bad, you will be surprised on how people release barely used products. That allows you an opportunity to fully utilize them , after getting them at a good deal.

Correctly disposing of your wastes

Dont be those people who dont bother to care which waste goes where.

Dont mix your wastes, they are not just waste. Well separated, they could be used else where.

They could be used for recycling, making compost, etc.

But the moment you mix them, all that is lost.

This will also mean that you also push for the involved parties to do the same, once you handle your well-separated wastes.

Consuming locally

Time to head to the local farmers’ market and buy “true” fresh produce. No preservatives to make them last longer on the shelves, or other products to make them shiny, and attractive. Only to add more harmful chemicals to your plate.

Eco-friendly products

We now have eco-friendly soaps, shampoo, toothpaste/tablets, cleaning detergents, toothbrush, etcs.

Give them a try, am sure you will love them and switch for good.


Our aim is to reduce waste and plastic pollution in our lives. So anything that would help you accomplish that, please embrace.

We are quickly losing our planet to pollution and over-exploitation, we need to do something about that like yesterday.

14 thoughts on “Zero Waste doesn’t have to be too complicated”

  1. Very useful tips. True, words. We should embrace that life is a coexistence. We need to take care of the planet and environment around us for it to better sustain(life) us. This is possible by the little acts of awareness and conscious acts in regards to not polluting unnecessarily.


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