Understanding Impact of Climate Change on our Mental Health

I have found a podcast that will help us in understanding the impact of Climate Change on our Mental Health. It has interviews with the victims, who explain their situations.

The episodes are heartbreaking and give a clear view of the affected mental health by the ongoing natural disasters as a result of climate change. Here are some of the issues I learned from the episodes I have listened to so far:

  • Kids dropping out of schools due to natural disasters
  • Unwanted pregnancies among girls who are forced by circumstance to share a tent with males.
  • Traumatized citizens by landslides to a point of not being able to go back to a place they knew as home.
  • Underfunded govt when it comes to climate change-related disasters
  • So many interviewing them for information of their situation, little help offered. They feel forgotten.
  • Older kids forced to take care of the younger ones, in supporting their parents

Mental health

It continues to be neglected , yet it continues to make life more difficult.

We no longer share our vulnerable moments or disturbing situations with our friends/family or even therapists. We just bottle things up. Everyone is faking being okay and doing anything possible to convince us they are indeed okay. But deep down, they are dying of pain, sadness, depressions, and almost giving up on life.

When was the last time you checked up on your family, friend, or colleagues? Are you able to see the sadness past the plastic smiles?

Most of the time, talking solves such problems. A listening ear minus judgemental eyes and remarks. Purely being there for them. Will help save them from further destruction.


I have come to appreciate journaling. If you are not big in talking, try writing down those feelings. You will notice the change.

Climate change is here, we will have to fight harder and it needs the best of us. Hence very important to take care of yourself including your mental health.

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  1. This was one correlation I never thought about, but it certainly makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much for connecting these issues that I once thought were separate.


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