How are you really doing?

Are you okay? Like truly okay?
Or are you surviving?

Today, I would like us to take a step back and evaluate our mental health. So much has been happening around us so fast. In that, we have been masking our pain, losses, failures, among others.

Am one of those people who use jobs and assignments to escape such situations. Only to be hit hard, when they finally hit that nerve that makes you sit back and allow the situation to break you into tiny pieces. As you watch helplessly.

As a firstborn, I was made to understand that am the one to take care of everyone else. But they forgot to tell me how to do the same for myself. And before I finally hacked, although still working on it. It has been doing terrible stuff to me.

It’s okay to be vulnerable from time to time, to accept what happens, and work on how to get up. But it’s easy said than done.

Your brain willl trick you into undertaking so many tasks and responsibilities. Your zeal will produce results that will make you forget the misfortunes for a minute. You will be happy seeing others get helped, your project performing and more partnerships coming to life.

Then one day, out of blues. That pain you ignored manifests unawares, sending you into a mini hell. Allowing you to feel the pain wholly mercilessly. Tears wash your face, heartbreaks into pieces, and your world feels crushed.

Would you have prevented this?

They say, Yes, Am still learning.

It’s not good to hold back, not good for your mental health. Grieve if you need to, scream, shout, bite that clothe, squeeze that stress ball, or do whatever works for you. The goal is to let it out.

Climate Action will feel like a battlefield some days

Some people will call you stupid, ignorant or even worst.

They may not agree with what you are saying and even go ahead to make fun of you. Unfortunately, you have no power to stop that. But you have full control over your feelings on such. Do your best to always be in charge. This doesn’t mean that you bury the feelings, No. It means you deal with them as they come.

Very few people do anything for the greater good. That’s why climate action is yet to be popular with most people. Most of us just care about ourselves. So yes, it’s a difficult fight.

Remember, it’s okay not to be okay. But not okay, to remain not okay. And yes, it’s difficult in action but together we could learn it.


It’s those weeks, where I have attended several summits on climate change and activism. Where you get reminded how things will continue to get rough if nothing is done. To be sincere, it’s depressing and hopeful at the same time. I have no idea if that makes sense.

I met activists and leaders from different parts of the world. Got to learn of amazing things they are doing in the name of activism. But also reminded that we are still not doing the needful.

I hope to be able to share in the next posts all the amazing parts I learned from. For now, dear ones, please let’s take good care of our mental health.

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