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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, But Not Okay to Remain That Way

It's Okay Not To Be Okay, But Not Okay to Remain That Way

We all go through stuff that makes us feel no okay, maybe a phase/season/period/stage, etc. It’s okay for this to happen, and our feelings are totally valid. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just allow yourself to outgrow the situations.

Activism anxiety

When you are working hard for a better tomorrow, best trips, or even peace of mind. Making it happen entirely depends on you. You are the sole director f your life, hence make the most important decisions of your life

What happens when you are fighting /advocating for a greater goal that involves the outside world?

When you are doing your best to help others understand the importance of eliminating waste, pollutions, growing trees, embracing minimalism, respecting wildlife space, or even being accountable t our environment. Especially to a population that for a very long time saw nothing wrong with everything wrong that has brought us where we are as a planet.

So far it has been progressing plus fails, or even creation of more problems.

How are you handling that as an activist especially when you are not okay?

Most of the time you may feel powerless and even afraid of facing another new day, as it always comes with its own challenges. Adding more problems to the list.

I remember mourning the clearing of trees along Mombasa road, despite all efforts put in place. The action still went ahead. Then one sad afternoon, after participating in a strike (#AfricaisNotADumpster) on my way home I was shuttered. Waiyaki way too had fallen victim to the clearing of trees. We almost got tear-gassed for striking, and the sadness in me had yet found a solution. Here we were with other problems/defeat laughing at us.

It was heartbreaking and all kinds of thoughts flooded my brains. I was numb for a moment, and couldn’t hold myself from crying. For a minute I wondered if it was worth it, whatever I was doing as an activist.

Social media is not a place to go when your emotions are everywhere, because whatever was trending there made things worst. The last nail on the coffin was the online Zoom where the tunnels gained more darkness.

For a few days, I was lost. I didn’t really understand or even have slight hopes that for the sure the environment will be given a front seat in our country.

Then I asked myself, what are my fellow activists going through? Are they letting it ut in any way? Do they have a listening ear?

We have seen their social media accounts being blocked due to their activism, and their friends continue to plead for them. On top of still fighting for nature, wildlife, people, and climate action.

They are young people who feel like adults no wrong care about their future. How do they get help?

Its Not Okay to stay not Okay

You still have a fight and course to complete, be your best friend. It’s important to understand that it may take a while before anything positive is done. Or even for leaders to finally understand your quest. Allow yourself to digest and recover, to be able to fight another day.

You have to understand that they may take a while, they may mock you, they may frustrate you, or even kill your hopes. But you need to remain strong. If you need a time out, go for a trip and forget all these problems for a minute. Avoid places that remind you of the problems, and for a minute. Allow yourself to heal and forget everything going on.

Just because they continue ignoring you, they will eventually accept facts.

Climate change is no longer a future problem or a given part of the world. It’s everywhere and people are feeling it.

It will be an honor one day to enjoy milestones made from your activism. We need you to continue fighting and taking good care of your selves, both mentally and physically.


Tears clean a lot of bad stuff facing our peace, do utilize it. If you have to scream it out, go to the field or beach and scream. Let it out.

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