Do it with a Purpose

Do it with a Purpose

Do it with a purpose, and let it be a good one. I interacted with a group of students recently. And it was sad to not get a good answer when I asked them about their last trip to a conservation area. I learned that they had visited Lake Baringo, so I requested them to let me know what they learned about that place.

One of them tried to explain, but to him, it was just a trip out of the school compound. I went further to inquire about the Wildlife Club. What were the activities that they engaged with? So far, they had planted trees as a club. What about wildlife? Like learn about them or even reared any. Sadly, the club was active all the time so nothing much had been done.

Visit Nature with Purpose

We mostly refer to nature as a healer, therapist, among other sweet names from what it does to our health. Its good to appreciate them.

Just the same way nature offers something to us every time we cross paths. What are we doing in return? Do we even bother to get to know about them? Or understand their surroundings? Would you be able to describe the place to someone else without missing the details? Like how many different plants were in that area, or unique insects you witnessed at that place.

That’s what entails in a purpose.

It is true that if we don’t fight for our environment, nature will fight back. And she does so with rage not sparing anything or anyone on her way. Flood, drought, heat rush, etc, will hit even those who advocate for environmental conservation. The strong and weak, poor or rich, young or old. She does not care much about them.

As our world continues to embrace the development of cities and the growth of the human population. Nature no longer has sufficient energy to heal herself by herself. She needs us, as much as we need her.

In the natural world, living organisms have a way of resetting back to factory settings. That’s why a drought can easily clear our everything. But when it’s over and rains come, we have life. Vegetation grows back, herbivores are able to procreate and carnivores get prey hence increase in numbers. And the ecosystem comes back to life.

But humans have been destroying this balance. We no longer hunt for food but instead hunt for sport and fun. We cleared most of the land for agriculture and cities. Leaving very little space for other living organisms. Like wildlife and trees. That’s why we have so many planting trees initiatives. Which we wouldn’t need if we respected nature, to begin with.

Planting and Growing Trees is an Excellent initiative, Taking care of the Existing Trees is the Winner

We have millions of campaigns, well funded towards planting more trees to revive our forest cover across the world. Yet we still have people cutting down our mature trees or setting them on fire. And we seem not to do much about that.

Does it mean that planting trees is important than protecting the already grown trees? Why are we being hypocritic about planting trees and using it for wrong reasons? Why don’t we first protect the already grown trees as we plant more trees?

I don’t know about where you are, where I am, trees get cut for weird selfish reasons. Including, to allow billboards better view, give way for power lines, offer clear ways for highways, etc. So it’s okay not to have fresh air, but have a bright billboard on our roads. Ironically, those billboards have paid ads advising us to plant more trees. We lose revenue in paying for the ads and labor need to cut down the trees.

Stop cutting our trees for your billboards or power lines, let them be constructed in those areas that will not disrupt nature. If they have to be placed on buildings or high enough above trees, let them be. But don’t cut another tree for these selfish reasons.


A blessed hand is one that gives. Nature needs our giving spirit, we have taken enough from her.

Get to understand why wildfires are eating up our forests, and stop human activities that lead to these fires. The forests are our lungs, we will not survive without them.

The politicians may politicize about environmental stuff, and that’s placing our lives on the line. They are politicians and most time say things that no one with good brains would say.

We no longer have leaders among the politicians, but simply a bunch of humans of choose to always forget why we chose them or the promises they made to us. They will tell us whatever they think we want to hear, just to get our votes.

Have a good purpose for our environment in everything you do. Your quality of life depends on it. Teach others and have more do right by our environment and other living organisms.

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