How to live with the New Climate

How to live with the New Climate

How to live with the New Climate. Since climate change is here with us, we have no choice but to learn how to adapt to the changes. This will also include cutting back on what contributes to this calamity.

Manifestations of climate change include:

Funnily, we still have a group of people who thinks climate change is a myth or just a stupid propaga. While others see themselves immune to it’s effects.

Unfortunately, some countries have already started experiencing it’s effects. Hence had to understand it in a hard way. They have been experiencing calamities such as:

  • Extreme weather conditions like the floods and drought.Like here in Kenya, for sometime now. We have been experiencing drought which is followed by some serious flooding. And this has been like a pattern now. Other places having been experiencing hurricanes, cyclones, etc.
  • Rising global temperatures. Temperatures have been pretty high both at night and during the day. The ozone layer has been thinning and greenhouse gases emissions has greatly contributed to this condition. It’s like an oven and we are the pastry, baking slowly.
  • Rising sea levels. This has been contributed by the global warming due to human-induced climate change.
  • Warming of our oceans. Which has resulted in a deficit of oxygen in the ocean surface area. Resulting in their death. Rising temperatures in our oceans chase away oxygen. Oxygen holds life for any living organism.
  • Melting glaciers and shrinking of ice sheets. We mostly get our fresh water from these glaciers. And it has been reported that they are melting at a very high speed. Exposing waste that hikers leave behind, and more easily, bodies of lost hikers. The tallest mountains are losing their ice at the peaks. A good example being, our famous Mount Kenya.

These are some of the extreme calamities that have been brought to us by climate change.

With that in mind we have to come up with ways we can manage to adapt to the new environment conditions.

Ways we can apply to live with the new climate

  • Positive political will. If our political leaders can stop politicizing issues on environment and climate change, it will save us a lot of negative policies being formed in the governements. Policies show be able to protect our environment and use of natural resources. As well as ensuring all developments are environmental friendly.
  • Emergency plans in place to deal with calamities such as the floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc. Plans like evacuations, relief supplies, medication, among others. Organizations should be well prepared for such events to minimize lives we lose to these severe calamities.
  • Solution to insurance cover that are slowly fading away. These calamities are happening frequently and severely. Scaring away the insurance companies, as they end up making less profit. We should be able to come up with a solution that protects both the insurer and insured.
  • Developments that are able to find good use of the climate effects. That is, floods, greenhouse gases, drought. A way to secure the flooding water, gases emitted, plastic wastes, Amon others. By turning them disasters to something useful. We will be able to adapt to the changing climate as we work to curb it.


We may never be able to reverse what damage has already been done. But we can work towards reducing more of it and curbing the effects.

These practices will help us reduce greenhouse gases emissions, increase food production, do away with the harmful industrial activities,

And it all start from where you are. Let s get engaged in these practices, participate in policy making and advocating for a healthy planet.

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