Mountains In Kenya

Mountains In Kenya

Mountains In Kenya. Some are famous and worldwide known. But some are still in low keys. An indication that Kenya is one of the best places to enjoy hiking/mountainreing/climbing, among other outdoor activities that need a mountain.

Let’s explore some of them.

Mount Kenya

It is the highest mountain in our country with several different peaks. The highest ones being the Batian, Nelson and Lenana peaks. Some of the peaks that make hiker and climbers proud of themselveswhen they manage to conquer them.

This mountain is surrounded by the Mount Kenya National Park.

Mount Elgon

It is located at the border of Kenya and Uganda. Allowing you an opportunity to enjoy two countries. It is also the second highest after the Mount Kenya.

Just like Mount Kenya, it is surrounded by the Mount Elgon National Park on the Kenyan side.

It’s a volcano mountain and has one of the largest calderas.

Mount Longonot

It’s a dormant volcano mountain which is heavily forested. And surrounded by national park. It’s considered to be a twin park to the Hell’s Gate National Park.

Mount Marsabit

It’s a volcano mountain surrounded by the Marsabit National Park.


This one is found in my hometown, Nakuru. It’s a volcano mountain with one of the biggest calderas. I remember our older friends joking that the smoke coming out of the calderas was the devil burning the bad guys. Yet it was the locals burning charcoal.

Ol Donyo Eburru

It’s an active volcano mountain famously used by geothermal energ exploiters.

It’s surrounded by conservation areas such as the Soysambu Conservancy, Lake Elementaita as well as Lake Nakuru.

Ol Donyo Orok

Also known as Namanga Hills. It’s located at the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

It’s contains wide variety of flora.

Ol Donyo Sabuk

Also known as Kilimambogo. It’s surrounded by Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park.

A friend once took me there for my birthday, and the hiking was great. It’s one of the simplest mountain to hike.

Mount Kinangop

It’s found within the Aberdare range. Surrounded by the Aberdare National Park.

It’s a dormant volcano mountain.

Mount Kipipiri

It’s a volcano mountain found in the Wanjohi Valley on the Kinangop Plateau.


It’s an active volcano mountain heavily exploited for geothermal energy.

It’s is located within Hell’s Gate National Park.

Facing excess pressure from the geothermal activities that has promted development within the park. Hence encroaching habitat meant for wildlife.


It stretchs between Narok and Nairobi.

It’s a volcano mountain known for its lava tubes.

Mount Mtelo

This mountain is located in the highlands of West Pokot County.


A volcano mountain in the Suguta Valley which is found within the great Rift Valley.

Mount Ng’iro

It’s a mountain also found in the Suguta Valley.


It’s more of a peak beside the Mount Kenya , home to the Lake Rotundu.

Mount Satima

It is found within the Aberdare ranges and the third highest mountain in Kenya.


Its evident that Kenya is home to amazing mountains.

Lets explore more of them and hills….

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  1. I was lucky enough to be able to stay in a cabin on the slopes of Mt Kenya in 2009. It was an amazing adventure to hike in the beautiful cloud forests and see the wild elephants. I highly recommend visiting this region if anyone has plans to travel to Kenya!

    • That’s very true. Mt. Kenya is one of the most love mountains for hiking and camping. m happy you were able to enjoy your stay. Welcome again and again.

  2. This is beautiful land. I have never been to any part of Africa before, but I very much like everything I have ever read about the geography and the creatures. I live in Southern California and am a senior lady who has been a teacher and aide for special needs children and young adults. You are very articulate and it is wonderful to read your writing. Thank you so kindly.

    • Thank you very much.. The geographical features are wonderful here and I have always admired experiencing winter, unfortunatey we dont have that here.


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