Understanding the National Climate Change Action Plan

Did you know that Kenya has a National Climate Change Action Plan?

Did you know that Kenya has a National Climate Change Action Plan? Yes we have one, that runs for five years. Full of solutions on how to curb climate change in our country.

Roles played by this National Climate Action Plan

  • It provides our country with a guideline to accomplish our commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Which is an international body responsible for helping our planet get solutions for climate change effects.
  • Give us guidelines on how to live with climate change.
  • Offer support while dealing with how we carry out our development activities. Putting in check negative human impacts during such developments.
  • Helps us work on ways to reduce amounts of green house gases we are producing.

Who are involved in this Action Plan?

It’s made up of scientist, analysts, climate change researchers, international organisation representatives, people from ministries that deal with environmental issues, among others.

These people were able to first evaluate climate change impact in our country. Noting the damage already done. So as to come up with adaptation and mitigation measures. That will help reduce the climate change effects.

Almost all parts in the country had some research done in them. And the most affected noted. These are areas that the mitigation measures got applied to first. And the result has been amazing.

People’s response towards National Change Action Plan

  • Through the climate change awareness platforms, people were able to help coming up with ideas to curb climate change.
  • They were able to change waste into useful products.
  • Embraced practices that aided in reduction of greenhouse gases emission.

So far they have been positive progress made and a lot is yet to be done.

So far we have two National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP)

1st National Climate Change Action Plan, that was adopted between 2013 and 2017

Back in 2010, our government set a National Climate Change Response Strategy that studied and promoted understanding of the climate change as well as it’s impact in our country. Giving birth to our very first NCCAP, which was aimed to address the following:

  • Long-term National Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Pathway. As a developing country, we are still involved in development activities that emit green house gases. So this action plan is to ensure that we emit very little of these gases.
  • Enabling Policy and Regulatory Framework. The stakeholders are tasked with coming up with policies that help promote fight climate change.
  • Adaptation Analysis and Prioritisation. Climate change is here with us, so this group help comes up with ways we can safely live with the effects of climate change. And prevent us from making things worst.
  • Mitigation and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action. Offering a long-term plan on how to avoid risks associated with climate change.
  • National Performance and Benefit Measurement. Helps us measure how well we are performing as a country towards curbing climate change . And point out some of its benefits.
  • Knowledge Management and Capacity Development; Educating and informing the public as well as the involved parties.
  • Finance: Work on where we are to get money to help fight and curb climate change.

Has this plan being a success?

Despite being a new and complicated issue to the Citizens. The involved parties have helped in breaking it down, to an understandable content.

And that how they come to a conclusion of embracing capacity building. Which involves educating and creating awarenes among the public.

So far, we can agree that they are doing a good job. But still have some job to do.

Let’s learn about the 2nd National Climate Change Action Plan (2018 – 2022) in our next article.


Finally, it started raining in Nairobi after months of hot sun and dry season. I woke up to some shower than made me to wanna come out of my bed and dance in the rains. It was not much, but its a sign of relieve.

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