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Hey, My name is Cheche Winnie and I love nature especially the wildlife. I strongly believe that the future generation should be allowed an opportunity to enjoy the current natural resources we have. As much as a lot has been lost, there's hope for a safe planet earth. Together we can help fight threats facing nature for a bright future.

15 Responses

    heartofresilience April 6, 2019

    I love turtles. I love the fact that they represent longevity and endurance. Thank you for sharing!!!

    Cheche April 6, 2019

    They are one of the best reptiles. 😘

    ilonapulianauskaite April 6, 2019

    Yes, we creating our story❤️

    Cheche April 6, 2019

    Very true 👌

    Malcolm Marsh April 6, 2019

    A great pic!

    Cheche April 6, 2019


    Julia DeNiro April 7, 2019

    That is a lovely turtle. Do you know what species it is?

    Cheche April 7, 2019

    Looks like a western pond turtle.

    Winnie April 7, 2019

    Beautiful photo!

    Cheche April 8, 2019


    Chiru April 9, 2019

    Creating our own story… Stunning imagery..

    Cheche April 9, 2019

    Thank you . And very true, we are a story in action.

    inhiscare753 October 23, 2019

    Beautiful shot.

    Cheche October 24, 2019

    Thank you

    inhiscare753 October 24, 2019

    You are welcome


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