What do You Think About BullFighting ?

What do You Think About BullFighting?

What do You Think About BullFighting? Do we really need to support such traditions in this century? Do we ever consider the bull’s side of the story?


It’s whereby bulls are made to fight each other, or made to fight with humans.

It is believed to have been borrowed from bull worship and sacrifice. And originated from Rome. Where humans versus animals competitions were held for entertainment purposes.

This then spread to other parts of the world. I guess we got carried away by the famous say, when you go to Rome, do as the Romans do.

Traditional bull fighting has been considered as a cultural/traditional practices. That attract people all over the world. The event have sponsors and sometimes aired on the televisions.

People travel across continents to witness and be part of this awful practice. They fill the stadiums and enjoy seeing the bulls fight for their lives. I wonder if they see it that way.

Bulls are usually ‘prepared’ for the bull fighting event

They are bred in huge ranchers where they are subjected to wild living conditions. To enhance wild nature in them as they grow up.

Humans especially the ones considered criminals or the “trainers” are used to provoke these bulls in preparation for the big fight.

Once the bulls are considered fully prepared then they are presented for the fight.

So I came across an article that elaborated what happens to these poor creatures just before the fight begins. And it’s heart breaking.

Their horns are cut to compromise their balance, their eyes applied with petroleum jelly to impair their vision, subjected to darkness to cause anxiety and even beaten up.

All these with the goal of making the bull to fight, which to the bulls, is fighting for their lives.

Sometime back while I was in high school. We visited this particular area that is known for bull fighting. They would feed the bulls with substance that had some alcoholic properties and used some providing songs. So as to make the bulls fight. They would perform some dances and songs while following the bulls.

These would really annoy the bulls and they would charge. Not only would they charge towards the other bull but also towards the people nearby.

Bull Fighting should be stopped everywhere

Bull fighting goes against animal rights as well as exposing humans to severe life threatening situations.

It’s already illegal in some parts of the world, but unfortunately still legal in some countries.

It’s time we looked at bull fighting from the bull’s point of view. How many bulls lose their lives during these fights. What about the humans that end up dead or succum to injuries?

These are reasons enough to stop these traditions and embrace civilisation.


Every life is important and no one has a right to cause pain to any living organism for fun.

There’s no fun where the pain is involved. Let’s face out any such inhuman traditions that we may be still holding to.

Just like sport hunting, it’s time we allow other animals some peace and stop playing with their lives.

What if they had powers and start killing us for fun?

16 thoughts on “What do You Think About BullFighting ?”

  1. Don’t even get me started about this subject! Absolute zero tolerance of the whole sport. I think its absolutely a terrible arrogance by people who come across to us Brits as ego centric and barbaric. Like any hunting, or killing animals in a way that causes them fear, is a sign of cowardice and should be stopped.

    • Very true. I don’t understand how someone can refer to the killing of an animal as a sport. We destroy these creatures mentally before taking their lives away.

  2. In some countries it is a traditional form of entertainment, but times change and its time it was abolished for good!

  3. Well, there is another side to this. These animals are dangerous because they are the only wild cattle left. Ban bullfighting and what will happen to them? They will be converted to beef cattle, and will still be killed, now in slaughterhouses. The wild animal will become extinct, unless we get some into protected areas. But I don’t see anyone advocating the protection of land for them.
    Re the drugging/horn shaving, etc, bullfighting experts will tell you that those are corruptions – they have always been present, but it was cheating, and illegal (not sure about today). The best bullfighters were contemptuous of the practices.
    I watched many bullfights in the 1960s -the bulls are phenomenal creatures and it was them that I went to see – the thing i most objected to was the inevitability of the bull’s death. If the bull disables or kills a matador [happens more often than you might think] they bring out another matador – I would bring in a rule that a bull that has disabled a matador be treated as the victor, treated for its wounds, then when healthy be sent with 4 cows to be released in a protected wilderness area.

    • Habitat fragmentation, encroachment, and loss have been the greatest threat to wildlife for some time now. This is due to the need for space by a growing human population. And that’s why humans are being advised on the number of kids to have. Bulls in the wild fight all the time for dominance but a fair fight. But the arranged bullfighting goes against animal rights exposing bulls to unspeakable pain and torture.

  4. These so called matadors in their little ballet costumes need some horns right up their tight little asses. Despicable activity and never a fair fight. My tourist dollars will never be spent in a backward country which condones this inherent cruelty. Think of the poor old horses being ridden by these little creeps and gored to death by a provoked animal only trying to defend itself. There’s plenty of room in Hell for those who participate in this heinous activity…


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