Never feel like your voice or actions don’t matter because they do!!

That’s right, your voice and action can work miracle in reclaiming a healthy planet back.

Just a friendly reminder: As a consumer, you have the power to decide what you buy and in which direction the market goes – not corporations.

Most times business people have done their best to make us believe that we have little to do when it comes to curbing plastic pollution. They have even come out proudly and claimed that our actions make them do what they do best. Produce more plastic and suffocate our planet. But is that correct?

No, it is not

Supply is controlled by demand, and demand comes from You and I. If we stop demanding stuff unhealthy to both our bodies and planet. They have no choice, but to reduce and eventually stop supply these products.

The same goes for the overpackaging’s in our markets, to single-use plastics and waste. The more we make it normal to always carry the reusable bags, bottles, and ecofriendly products. There will be no need for plastic disposable utensils, that are only used for a few minutes and end up harassing our environment for years.

Your Voice and Action Is Important like never before

Long gone are days when we suffered silently, and did nothing against injustices subjected to us.

People have learned and embraced the act of speaking up and sing their voice wherever they feel not treated as they should. We are yet to get there, and injustices continue amongst ourselves. But we can say that we are heading there.

We no longer need the long procedures in voicing out our concerns, but a simple post expressing your feelings around stuff being done wrongly goes a long way. Through social media, you can connect with others of the same idea, and together you can influence positive change where need be.

Climate Action is a teamwork

We are different in so many ways, but planet Earth is the common denominator.

Climate change is a global problem, that doesn’t recognize race, level of developments, influence, or any classes we have developed amongst ourselves.

Sadly, the consequences have been hard experienced in most parts that have been perceived to contribute very little towards climate change. Make it clear that each of our actions affects others significantly.

It pains to see how the numbers of climate refugees have been increasing, and still have countries that have refused to take climate action seriously.

People are losing homes, properties, and even their loved ones to natural disasters. Yet we still have to make stuff trend for our leaders to action. Some still fail to get it and ignore the noise.


It has been said over and over again, we are the only generation that has the opportunity to make things right. Saving whatever has been left on our plant, both flora, and fauna.

The future generation will be happy to enjoy whatever is gifted to us at the moment. We should ensure we don’t promote their disappearance. Extinction means forever gone, and we have to do what needs to be done to make things right.

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