Climate Daily Effects: Liberian Youths Amplifying Youth Voices in Africa.

Climate change is yet to be well covered or spread enough, climate daily effects are doing their best to have this covered.

Who are the Climate Daily Effects

Climate Daily Effects is a social media platform that shares stories and solutions to the climate crisis in everyday life.

It’s an initiative under the Liberian Youth for Climate Actions – LYCA.

You can always follow their amazing job via social media:

Facebook handle   #ClimateDailyEffects

The motivation behind its existence

The stories and solutions of African Youth Climate Activists haven’t been told and heard enough. There are many hidden innovative solutions to climate and environmental issues that the world doesn’t know, and these solutions need to come out to the light. This platform is just here to do that. Many great stories and solutions have been shared by the platform and more are still being shared till now.

Climate Daily Effects goal

Their goal is to get to as many African climate activists and tell their story to Africa and the world.

Leave no one behind, because they believe that every story can change and inspire someone somewhere to get up and take climate Actions now.

The team is currently being driven by around 9 young people from Liberia headed by their leader Ezekiel Nyanfor, founder and Executive Director of LYCA.


Climate Action embraces every step towards the solutions, no act is too small. Information is key, as we can learn something new that might help us fight climate change.

Amplifying voices speaking up for a better planet is not only vital but noble. It’s encouraging to see youths across the world lift each other, get to learn from one another, share ideas, and speak as one voice. As they do their best to save their future. They have recognized that teamwork is key.

With one story at a time, we can learn of the various innovations by young people from all corners of our planet.

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