The Three Stones Open Fire

When we were kids, the fun part of visiting grannies was having to enjoy stories around the three stones open fire. It felt way better than the couch back home. This involved conversations, interesting tales, and not the usual cartoon shows, on the black and white TV.

The food almost tasted better. Not forgetting the farm part. Running after the chickens, goats, sheep, and even cows. Which times, did the same to us. These are the priceless details that made school holidays something to be looked forward to.

Did you know that these fires that we enjoyed are equivalent to burning 1000 cigarettes?

Let that sink in.

As I was perusing through the available fuel effective and clean energy cookstove, I stumbled on an article that had researched the effects of using the three stone open fires.

As we embrace technology and urbanization in the fight against climate change, several clean energy fuel-efficient cookstoves have been discovered and introduced to the community.

This has helped more folks to abandon the three stones open fire. This means that indoor air pollution will go down, which is good progress.

This was made possible due to the affordable prices and accessibility of the cookstoves. Engaging the target groups, helped them to open up and embrace the new friend in their kitchens. Hence a success.

As a result, the demand for firewood and charcoal went down. Women and kids were able to have less work, and have time for other life commitments.

It has been a good ride until the Finance Act of 2020 introduced a 14% VAT. Not only does it cripple the efforts to fight climate change. It will negatively affect the quality of life and forest cover.

What will happen?

Women and children will have to go back to collecting firewood and burning charcoal. Since the prices for the clean energy fuel-efficient cookstoves will shoot upwards to accommodate the introduced VAT, they will have no choice but go back to the old “cheaper” option.

Deforestation will increase. Increase demand for firewood and charcoal will automatically promote the clearing of trees. With the increasing global warming, we have no luxury of accomodating cutting down of trees. Hence not an option. We should go for and support all options that promote afforestation.

Respiratory diseases due to indoor air pollution.


Climate change is a crisis that needs our attention and action.

Natural disasters promoted and made worst by climate change, continue to destroy life, property, and the environment. Making it difficult to enjoy good health in a conducive environment.

Laws and ACTs should be made in such a way that promotes solutions towards climate change. To promote their success, as opposed to creating hindrance. It’s important to accept that these decisions may end up not gaining the monetary value that attracts many. But instead, it will gift us a healthy planet that we all need.

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  1. I find your posts so informative and I learn about your struggles which I would never have known if I had not read your blog. Thank you for your visiting my blog too 🙏🙏

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