Mangrove Planting at Mkupe Bridge

Mangrove planting not only introduced me to the other side, of promoting ocean conservation. But it also gave me a family. Friends who always leave me better, challenged, and looking forward to the next planting.

When you meet people who make it easier to mingle without having to justify why you should be there, or who you are or even considered to be, who make it fun to be with, who see you for who you are, and ready to support. That’s the kind of friends, rare to find. That is what my Mombasa family is to me. I immediately miss them as soon as I start heading back to Nairobi. Secretly wishing I could stay longer, or even move closer to them. Who knows, this may be true someday.

Lack of Climate Change literacy is not an enough excuse of not being responsible

I have met more people who do not know the big terms around climate issues, yet doing great stuff to save our planet. Most of their projects are self-sponsored, born out of passion and love for nature. They may not have gained that much influence or attention, but that’s the least of their problems. They are focused on the end goal, a better planet for themselves and future generations.

It is inspirational to see different groups of youths sacrificing the weekend to attend to environmental activities. Creating fun out of it. The activities may be seen as fun and all merry on photos. But they have been extremely exhausting. To appoint of not being able to lift your fingers, but the satisfaction gives you enough energy to smile and peace at heart. Knowing that you contributed positively towards a better planet.

The commitment is essential and the consistency makes it even worthwhile. Being able to always show up, and be part of the events is not that easy.

Blue Earth Organization (BEO)

BEO makes mangrove planting extremely easy. They managed to make every member feel at home. BEO is not just an organization, it’s a family. With members always ready to be useful when needed. Members compliment each other and understand the importance of being each brother’s keeper. Being there for each other and the entire community at large.

You don’t have to take long to notice this. Just join them, and you will see it all over their faces.

It’s one of the best organizations, am extremely grateful to be part of.

Working with the Local community is the secret

Climate action will only be effective if we all worked together. Local communities are a vital piece of the puzzle. Being their home, and getting to understand why they need to conserve their environment makes the goals attainable. Managing to make some money in the process of conserving the environment, makes it more acceptable and owned by the local communities occupying these places. Hence ensuring that the environment is protected all the time.

Purchasing of the seedlings and adaptation of mangrove sites, help boost local communities economically. Promoting their livelihoods.

In the spirit of leaving no one behind, it is important to always work with the local communities.

Local communities also offer indigenous knowledge that comes in handy while investing in activities to engage in. They have been occupying these areas longers than us, hence understanding what works best. They do have tricks that make conserving the environment easier and palatable to all.


When we join hands for a common goal, things get easier as opposed to trying to achieve these goals on our own. Different people bring in different perspectives, which may end up making your activities impactful.

No action is too small, or any group efforts are not worth it when it comes to the environment. Some stuff we learn along the way. No one has all answers. Most importantly, we are not after PERFECTION, but rather a PROGRESS.

Mangrove Planting at Mkupe Bridge
Mangrove Planting at Mkupe Bridge

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