Blue Earth Organization Making Mombasa Blue

Blue Earth Organization (BEO) is making Mombasa and its environs blue, as well as clean. This is through mangrove planting, planting of trees, cleanups, among others.

Sumaiya Harunany is the founder of this great organization, where they encourage people to make a difference by Going blue. She has strong support from her friends who volunteer with the organization, as well as the members.

I first learned about BEO on social media, and almost every weekend they had an activity. Which clearly showed good work being done. Not many people will sacrifice their weekend sleep/rest to go do heavy activities for the greater good of society. We have grown to be a selfish generation, that only worries about ourselves. So seeing the dedication and consistency of this organization prompts me to research more about them.

Friendship was made

Nature loves to connect through such events, and their friends have similar goals. We support each other, knowing that we are doing one part, to be the change we want to see.

For a long time, I really wanted to be part of BEO events. But distance and timing always kicked me out.

Finally, I got to meet the BEO founder and some of its members in a conservancy cleanup. Where I managed to interact with them physically.

They were exactly how they have portrayed themselves online, good-hearted and passionate about the environment. We shared lots of stuff around conservation and preservation of the environment. As well as what we were each facing in our different actions.

Finally, I made it to one of their Event

Blue Earth Organization made my dream of planting mangroves true.

This time, I planned myself effectively and there was no way I was missing this one.

Getting to Mombasa, the BEO family was already ready as usual and excited to plant more mangroves.

We made our way to the planting area very excited, and those of previous experiences sharing it with the first-timers like me.

We were directed on how to do it, we abandoned our shoes and made our way into the mangrove forests. We say mangroves seedlings that were been grown and protected by the local community to ensure this forest survives time.

From their description, it looked so easy. Until we started to sink and got stuck.

The mud was so soft, and little energy was needed to make the holes. Mangrove planting is really simple and fun. You just have to be very careful with the seedlings, not to cause damage.

Lucky are the lightweight, for they were not sinking like us. You needed to keep moving to avoid sinking. But sinking was fun too, especially when you sunk with those who were not sinking.


We need more organizations like BEO, as we fight to restore our planet and fight climate change.

Protecting our planet from the negative activities that contribute to climate change. Small changes in how we interact with plastics, waste, waterbodies, fashion, etc. These changes are what will result in the big change we need fr our planet.

Joining hands, volunteering, and interacting with people of similar agendas, strengthen our efforts. We can lean on each other and spread positive vibes. As well as create the needed climate change awareness.

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