Planting Mangroves in Miritini, Mombasa

Finally, I participated in planting mangroves in Miritini, Mombasa. I have also admired and longed to experience this for a while. Thanks to my friends, who kept sharing photos of the whole process. It looked too fulfilling not to want to experience one yourself. So I started making plans early not to miss this one.

Traveling via SGR (Standard Gauge Railway)

This one was a tough one, I never thought I would ever use this train. This is because, I was totally against its existence as it was passing through wildlife home. And that has several effects on wildlife. We did our best to protests, speak up and even set meetings. But it was built and now functional.

My friend advised we give it a try and see what how it goes. Which we did. Did I like it? Am not yet sure. But yes, its several hours earlier than whe using a bus.

Choosing to appreciate the silverlining, I enjoyed nature sightings and wildlife on the way. Meet new people who turned to be friends.

Is it cheap? Not really, as you need several means of transport to get to the SGR station

Up early and ready to plant some Mangroves

I was too excited, and the night seemed too long. But eventually, the day was here.

My awesome friends and I, partook our breakfast and made our way to Miritini.

At the meeting point, we converged and together headed to the area where the planting was happening. Excited was all over, and the noisemaker’s we are. We were all happy to be together again, and happier to be planting some mangroves.

A few minutes later

It took us few minutes to get to the area, and without wasting time, we ditched our shoes.

We were directed on how to do the planting and the seedlings nursery. The community volunteers were happy to have us there and were extremely helpful throughout the day. They helped us in digging holes and helped to carry some of the seedlings. They also enlightened us on the important basics, and what they were doing to ensure that the mangrove forest survives for many years.

At first, it was all merry and sweet massage to our feet by the soft mud. Until, we started to sink. People of the heavier side were the first ones to start sinking, and we were happy to make the tinny ones sink with us. That’s what friendship is, right. It was fun.

Did you know that Mangroves store more carbon than terrestrial forests?

As we continue to fight climate change is, it has been discovered that Mangroves happen to be very vital in cleaning our atmosphere.

This is on top of preventing huge sea waves that may destroy corals or even wash into the dry land. It does offer a home to several marine creatures, and where we were. We saw a high number of crabs. It looked more like their breeding ground, as the littles ones were all over the place. Thank goodness, they had not yet learned the act of pinching. We would have been in big trouble.

The community in Miritini well understands the importance of this tree. They have established their own nursery, which is used to continue strengthening the existing mangrove forests. By cooperating with groups, organizations, and even individuals, they teach them the importance of taking good care of both the nursery and forests.

It was interesting to see how the trees growings, and later plants themselves by dropping. Where the roots turn into the leaves, and the shoot develops into a strong root system.

Visiting this area helped me understand that the local community really treasures their forest, and those who steal these trees come from other areas. Behavior that should be stopped. We have no room for any deforestation, with the rising temperatures. The existing trees deserve all the protection they can get. Let’s ensure this happens.

Are you part of the solution or problem?

Not all of us understand the importance of climate action, as some still think that we have time and things will work on themselves.

Every action matters, in the fight towards climate change. It all starts with you and I. From what we choose to buy and engage with.

If we stayed away from cutting down our trees, our forests will help purify our atmosphere and lower the rising temperatures. Our forest and tree covers will increase, and our planet will be green again.

I hope you are part of the solution and not the problem!!!

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