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Have you seen what YMA has been doing? YMA is going green, and they are doing great stuff for the environment, wildlife and humans. It’s one of my best organizations, am happiest to have bumped into. I fell in love with them in my very first encounter with them. We are doing a cleanup in Naretunoi Conservancy. The energy and discipline the youth showed amazed me. You could tell that they were doing it from their hearts, and happy to be of service. I was lucky to see their director mingling with them, that same day. And I got to connect the dots. They have the best, and he is doing an excellent job with his team.

Who is YMA?

Don’t be confused now, slow down and let me try my best to describe for you who YMA is. Forgive me if am unable to paint exactly what this amazing team does, as words are not able to do justice to their deserved description.

YMA stand for Young Muslims Association.

They have been around for fifty-five years, that’s right. Fifty-five years of making life better and bigger for vulnerable orphans in Kenya. It was founded back in 1964, with 25 orphans onboard. The boys are taken in at the age of 6 years old, where they are nurtured until university.

The main focus being offer education and empowering the orphans, plus youth.

They are located in different parts of the country, where the orphans are empowered through education and support needed for their wellbeing. These stations include ones in Garissa, Tana River, Nakuru, Nairobi, among others.

YMA: Not only do we look green, we are green

Same place 💖💖💖

Being different from other orphan youth organizations. By empowering youth, listening to youth, believing in the youth, conserving the environment, and promoting wildlife conservation awareness.

In the journey of going green, YMA has been involved in several activities such as:

  • Clean-ups
  • Tree planting
  • Game counts
  • Vertical gardens
  • Environment education and awareness


YMA from all levels is involved in different cleanup practices. From the weekly clean-ups at the schools, youth cleaning up conservation areas and neighborhoods, just to name a few.

Tree planting

Now, this is where I need you to really concentrate. YMA don’t just plant trees, they have managed to plant and grow fruit trees that are now bearing fruits. With the guidance of their amazing director, they ensured that they planted the right fruit trees, and took care of the water supply even after the planting part.

They have practiced drip irrigation with a back-up tank, which has really made a big difference from other tree growers. The system allows the seedling to have an uninterrupted water supply, and you don’t have to break the bank.

You need buckets, pipes, valves, and some labor. Once worked on with dedication and passion, your trees will have no reason not to bear fruits for you. We need to borrow this technique from them for our dying seedlings.

Vertical gardens

As days go, people are appreciating the importance of including vegetables in our diet. YMA doesn’t have to worry about this. As they have several vertical gardens, providing them vegetables (spinach and kales). They have been planted in a way that they are available all-round season. As they have been portioned into different portions, and each portion has a different planting season.

Game counts

YMA has wildlife lovers, who are happy to interact with wildlife anytime. Even rain or bad weather can not stop them.

They have participated in the game count at the Naretunoi Conservancy, where they were able to interact with various wildlife. Mingled with the local community, and even donated lion lights to a boma neighboring the conservancy.

Environment education and awareness

Do you remember the awesome essays on the importance of trees to humans? That’s YMA product.

They have been exposed to environmental education and awareness, and the results can be seen in what they shared in the beautiful essays. They understand their roles in protecting our environment and wildlife. Acknowledging that we are an ecosystem that is weaved together. Hence the need to do right by one another.


YMA is a true definition of working together.

In the journey of going green, which happens to be less than a year now. Has seen them collaborate with various organizations and groups. Which includes:

How can we not mention Sisters of YMA?

Girls are the flowers of our planet. They brighten life, and help spread the motherly touch all over.

The main agenda is women empowerment through business and amplifying the importance of girl child education. Already has a girl’s secondary school running in Garissa.

Here, ladies are empowered in all means possible. Where they get to have their business enjoy advertising, hence helpful networking.

Sisterhood among them, help them uplift each other. Sharing ideas, learning from each other, explore together, have fun and simply enjoy life. They are able to make impossible possible.

Knowing you have a sister to lend you a listening ear, is the best thing you can have in our troubled world. You face life knowing that you have sisters who can help hold you together incase things fall apart.

YMA has produced and continue to produce great people in the society

Losing both parents has led many to lose sight of their big dreams, and sometimes end up in the wrong places. Like the streets, or worst in gangs. Just to get a sense of meaning in their lives.

With the difficult economy, not many of us are ready and willing to take in more people especially kids in case they lose their parents to death. As a result, the orphans are not given an equal opportunity like the other kids to explore their talents or potential.

An organization like YMA allows orphans a second chance to fully explore their potential despite their loss. They are provided for what they need and allow an opportunity to shine bright like the stars they are. And they have been doing exactly that. YMA has produced MPs, Ambassadors, Engineers, Directors, Heads of various groups, Teachers, Mechanics, and many more.

Meet the amazing director: Sheikh Ahmed 

Have you ever seen someone so powerful, yet very humble? And most importantly, gives a listening ear to the youth without being pushed.

Friendly, but firm. Ready to listen, counsel, support and even condemn what needs to be stopped.

Despite his position and an extremely busy schedule, he makes time for his young people. In return, they love and adore him.

He has been volunteering with YMA for a cool eighteen years. And continues being awesome at what he does. If only you could have five minutes with this man, then maybe you can start to understand what am trying to describe here.

His team is very free with his team, who are always happy to be around him. The energy involved is enough to make you want to be adopted by them, even if it’s for a short while.

This post is not even quarter of what description befits YMA

If you would like inspiration on what change you want to see on our planet, just search for YMA on social media. The beautiful faces doing an amazing job for humanity and the wildlife/environment will help you revive hope in humanity.

They are always smiling, despite the heavy activities, challenges out there, and harsh weather conditions. Because they do it with pure love, passion, and dedication.

I salute all YMA, and all involved in this awesome organization.

Here are links to their social media handles:

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