To Many More Gardens

A few months ago, my dream of having gardens at orphan centers was made doable. Thanks to the One Movement Fund, which provided the needed funds. While Young Muslims Association connected me to orphan centers.
The One Movement Fund

Unstable donations

Most of the orphan centers rely on well-wishers and donors for their basic needs. Limited space makes it impossible for them to do some farming. Forcing them to buy regular foodstuff like vegetables, with the already constraint resources.

Life has been hard for the past few months, and donations continue to decrease. Small-scale donors continued to reduce their frequency of visits, and individuals could only support their needs.

Most donations were being provided by big companies. But these happen once in a while, as these companies try to reach different people in need from different places. So you can only imagine how unstable things got.

It’s sad to know or even imagine that someone somewhere relies on donations for their basic needs. So, when you have a surplus or even enough to share with those in need. Always take that opportunity with two arms. Share whatever you have and save one another. We all need each other.

Vertical Gardens and Bucket drip irrigation

Bucket Drip irrigation is an efficient way to water your plants, making good use of each drop. The rate at which water is released by the pipes limits possibilities of too much evaporation, water wastage. Allowing water ample time and speed to sip into the soils. Promoting growth.

The Bucket Drip irrigation kit includes buckets and pipes that have been punched severally. The pipes do have valves that help you stop the flow of water when need be.

Your job is just filling the buckets with water, and opening/closing the valves. The rest of crop watering happens smoothly, thanks to the pipes.

The vertical garden has come to prove us wrong on the need for huge spaces. This system utilizes every available inch effectively. Making farming more fun and doable in any given location. You just have to ensure that the soil contains the necessary nutrients. Don’t forget to crop rotate, to utilize the soil nutrients as well as allow soil time to recover.

Mama Fauzia Children’s Home
Zaidi ya Dream Children’s home

Crop rotation is vital, for any successful farming.

Mama Fauzia and Zaidi ya dream Children’s Homes

These two homes were my first beneficiaries. I hope to do the same for many more centers in the future. To all the other centers that I didn’t manage to make happen, we always have next time. Let’s hope for the best.

Thanks to Young Muslims Association, I was able to meet these two centers among many others. Made new friends, and got a lot to reflect on.

Since day one of this project, I keep learning lessons that I have been taking for granted for a long time.

I met kids who didn’t have much but lived largely. They appreciated where they are and were always thankful for everything. Showed me the importance of just being alive, how useless possessions can be, helped me appreciate different life perceptions, reminded me to live and enjoy moments, challenged me to be more appreciative, and see the silver lining in all situations.

Despite losing their parents, and living with people not connected to them by blood. They have managed to create their own family, that stands up for each other. They corrected each other with love and were always ready to help.

We didn’t have to request them to join us with the planting, they led the way. They were quick and eager to learn how to make it happen. Promising to ensure the vegetable are well taken care of.

Some of them already had an idea of this irrigation system, while others had no clue. Yet they showed the same energy when we went to work. They were ready to be dirty and grow vegetables.

They have become part of my thoughts now and then. I admire them, and what they have managed to achieve. They refused their circumstances to define them. Salute to all guardians running these centers. You are doing an excellent job.

Part of the progress

Thanks to the One Movement Fund

Am forever grateful to the one Movement, for providing funds. That turned my dream into a reality full of golden lessons.

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