How are you all doing?

How are you all doing? Are you doing okay/not okay, or living one day at a time/ surviving? A lot has been living.

I haven’t been doing that well. From crushed hopes, ugliness unfolding around climate issues, lots of talks around climate change that made reliving them more painful, Kenyan wildlife suffering through droughts with no much help provided, among others. It has been a bumpy road.

Too much talking, very little action

COP 26 took half of November (2021), where we started it with lots of hopes, which were shortly crushed during the opening speeches by the world leaders.

The well-written National Determined Commitments by countries were submitted. They have ambitious goals set to fight climate change. This is through embracing sustainable developments and cutting emissions.

The speeches too were ambitious, if talks could save us from climate change disaster, right now, we would be on the planet we are yearning for. Where species extinction is not a thing, emissions don’t exist, and every human is subjected to a livable planet.

Unfortunately, these talks need to translate to action. To have a shot at a better future.

This global meeting also continued to expose inequalities, misrepresentations, injustices, just to name a few. That said, unfortunately for the people living in the already worst climate change-related natural disasters hit countries, will continue to suffer.

The droughts, floods, mud/landslides, heat waves, etc will continue to promote gender inequalities, loss of property, degraded mental health, livestock and wildlife deaths, destroyed infrastructures, among others.


The past few months have been harsh to our sisters and brothers in the arid and semi-arid areas.

They have lost their livestock to deaths and reduced to depending on donations for their basic needs.

Wildlife in these areas hasn’t been left out. They continue to lose lives due to limited commodities like water. People continue to share desperate moments when communities try to help the affected wildlife. Sadly, very little is being done. So we may be losing more wildlife than we can imagine.


Things are not good, and it may get t worst. Especially as our leaders continue to push solutions to many years in the future. A future that may have nothing to save, as we may have lost it along the way.

Do we have any hopes left? I wish to hope for the best, but sometimes it gets really hard. And anxiety takes my best parts. Especially while doing the reality check. Is there any left hope to hold on to?

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  1. My heart goes out to you; the struggles are huge around the world these days with climate change. I just do what I can from where I am here in Canada. We had terrible fires this summer and intolerable heat. I feel for the animals as well; hopefully, we can all do better to protect them and plant more where we are. All the best to you Cheche 🙂

  2. I too feel for you Cheche – the repeated droughts in East Africa (which I see they are blaming on repeated La Nina events in the Pacific) are alarming and must be so much more alarming when you are right there. But I do think there is reason to hope – Based on their past record, I had no hope that world leaders were going to accomplish much in Glasgow, and they didn’t, but in the world as a whole people are waking up and, inch by inch we are moving towards solutions. As always, humanity has to wait until it is almost too late before we take real action.


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