Take care of yourself as you push for a better and healthier planet

On a planet where climate change continues to be seen as a future problem, it’s important to take care of yourself. Don’t push too hard for the betterment of our planet and neglect your health. That includes your mental health. Be hopeful, and do your part. Remember to acknowledge any positive progress, influence wins, etc. Don’t let them slide away unnoticed, use them as your push forward momentum.

The leaders continue to fail us

Over and over again, we continue to see a lack of commitment and support by our leaders. Other times, they give us nice speeches, yet do the exact opposite. Especially while signing deals that promote harming of our environment.

Most of the countries should be enjoying democracy. As they managed to regain their land from colonizers, but that is not so. The colonizers may have left, but neocolonialism quickly took root. Democracy is nowhere to be witnessed. Leaders and politicians sadly go as per money weight.

During elections, at least in Kenya, politicians tell us what we need to hear. At that particular time, they will manage to penetrate the most remote areas, spend thousands of hours interacting with the public. Only to vanish, once elected. Not only do they vanish, but their promises also follow them, and only a few with power and money have their wishes met. And the cycle continues.

If you put all your hopes in these leaders, you are in for a massive heartbreak. It’s healthy to acknowledge that they may go against what they promised or vowed to do. This should not push you away, you still need to push for the change you want to see.

Things will only get worst for our planet

Things may not be that good for a very long time. Climate change continues to cause natural calamities, that continue to ruin our lives.

Droughts, floods, heatwaves, mudslides, homelessness, loss of lives, diseases, species extinctions, among others. These problems will only get worse with time. You better prepare yourself psychologically.

Due to resources scarcity, you may not manage to do much physically or economically. But a well-prepared mind will adapt to almost anything thrown at it.

Whatever works for your mental health, give it a priority before it’s too late. Just like climate change, the time to take care of yourself is NOW.

Bottom-up Approach

They may ignore us, but we still have power if we all worked together.

As the public, we should make it our mission to elect leaders that truly understand and respects our needs. Push them to do right by our environment, and always on what they are up to. We should not remain silent, as they sacrifice the bigger part of the public for the benefit of the few guys.

Taking action against those who fail to work as expected. We must make them accountable.

No more suffering in silence.

Starts with you

It all starts with us.

We all know what works for our planet. Practise that at home, at work, and everywhere you go. Strive to be a friend to mother nature through actions and words.

If we can all be on nature’s side, the few people who continue to push our planet to the limits. Will have no option, but to join us.

Be the example of what we need for a healthier and better planet.

6 thoughts on “Take care of yourself as you push for a better and healthier planet”

  1. Yes, I agree that each of us should make sure we stay healthy, which includes mentally healthy. That’s why even in darkness we should not despair but struggle to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    For example, politics. I’ve often wondered about Kenyan politics. It sounds like they play the same games there as most everywhere else. But, as Winston Churchill said, democracy is a poor way to run nations, but look at the alternatives.

    So, for example again, Kenyan politics – despite all the problems, how many countries can say like Kenya that they have never slipped into civil war? Even the USA can’t say that. There must be a solid foundation of some kind in Kenya. And that is hope for the future.


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