COP26 should be the springboard

COP is here with us again. COP26 should be the springboard that should push everyone in the right direction. At this point, all know what needs to be needed.

Solutions to be embraced continue to be invested by individuals and few corporates that care for our planet. Too many and excellent policies continue to be passed. Their proper implementations remain a problem.

The mini COP26 Meetings / Conferences / Fairs

The past few months and weeks, we have witnessed numerous pro-COP events geared towards the expected discussions needed for climate action.

All ages, groups, and organizations have done their best to explore and summarize what has to happen.

Sadly, all that we want from this COP26 is actions. As we are tired and got enough of all the awesome promises. No one is looking forward to more promises, we want action.

We acknowledge that enough has been said and it’s time we saw actions.

The responsible parties

It is good to see that those we consider, as the biggest polluters will be present. We hope that they will, for once, put people before profits.
That is Planet, People then Profits.

They have done well in sponsoring the event in different ways. However, that can easily be judged as a mockery if they fail to do what is needed. Cut out the activities that are harmful to our planet.

Those who didn’t manage to be at the COP26

Do not give up; explore other means to make your voice and concerns heard. Whatever you needed to say during the conference, you could record your message, blog it, tweet it, post it, and share it.
The good side of social media will help push your message.

Luckily, the internet never forgets. In addition, your message will be recorded for future engagements and pushing, even after the COP26.

Those who were lucky to be going for COP26, ensure to represent us. Stand tall for us, and be loudly clear on our demands. Ask the hard questions, and together let us demand a safe future.


These conferences can have very productive conversations, but still, fail to bore any fruits. The real tasks and measure of their success come afterward.

So far, we have been good at just talking and giving promises. It is time for action.


7 thoughts on “COP26 should be the springboard”

  1. Hi, Winnie, I found this video some time ago on the page of blogger MSAMBA (Manchester School of Samba).
    It is about the invention of aerosols and what they did to the ozone layer, and how countries not only signed a paper but took action and therewith “healed” the hole in the ozone layer. It also mentions the disasters mankind avoided because of the joint action. I think it should be shown at the COP-meetings … 😉


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