Are these meetings and talks serving their purpose?

Are these meetings and talks serving their purpose?
Or are they turning out to be scams and more carbon footprints killing our planet,
I am talking about the climate change meetings, conferences or what they have been calling them.
We have been having them for a while now, pushing for more.
As well as condemning those who won't make time and avail themselves to attend.
But are the effective, can we account for them?
The budget to make them happen is not that light, 
And to make it to the decided places is not cheap.
Both to the environment and the pockets.
Can we truly say that we can see ant positive change?
Or any hopes in saving our planets?
Or are we just jogging at the same spot?
You will not be surprised to learn that the local demonstrations,
Seem to be more productive and yielding results,
While the international meetings have turned to be a battlefield,
Where the poor nations complain of neglect,
While the rich ones boast of their untouchable nature,
Yet we are required to fight for our planet as one united team,
How we do it on social media.
Maybe the next meetings should be done via social media,
We will be able to forget our egos and low self-esteem issues,
Hence concentrating on the real issue: climate change,
We will reduce our carbon footprint,
And more funds will be available for climate change fight.
Let's stop using these meetings and platforms to build selfish gains,
Mock each other or blame each other,
Some of us may have contributed much or less to climate change,
But the consequences don't care about that,
It will continue to hit us hardiest and sending our species to extinction.
Let us not dilute what the students and youths started,
Our future in a healthy planet is not guaranteed,
And it's all dependable on how we fight climate change,
We have already lost plenty of species,
Our environmental atmosphere is no longer clean and safe.

Some cities are already purchasing oxygen,
to survive the toxic air,
While some are forced to use masks,
to filter out what’s polluting the air,
Maybe we are unable to understand this,
Because we hold these meetings in well-ventilated hotels.

Which gives me an idea,
Maybe the next climate change meeting,
Should be held at the most climate change affected place,
And participants to walk the talk,
Use means that are totally eco-friendly.
So no flights and all privileges that are attached.

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